A two month break from azithromycin

Hya, just some advise please, I take 250mg of azithromycin every other day but last time I went to see my consultant he told me to stop taking them during may and June, I want to know (opps I forgot to say I suffer from bronchiectasis in both lungs since childhood) anyway like I say is this the norm in other sufferers? And I don't know if it's all in my head but since stopping them I feel worse and I feel like I have a chest infection about to start but actually doesn't!!!! Does that make sense?! Lol, any advice would be fab, thanks

Diane xx

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  • Hi Diane I can't answer about your consultant telling you to stop taking azithromycin I just started taking them in April and was told there long term ab tam

  • Thanks x

  • I was told last year that Azithromycin can be left off during May and June, and last year I did and was OK. I'm still taking it this year though because at the end of April beginning of May I was in hospital with a pseudomonas and pneumonia infection which left me needing oxygen and the usual IVs. I think a lot of Bronchies are told this is safe to do.

  • Thanks, sounds very much like me, I see him again in July but don't know whether to start taking it again before I see him.or just take it upon myself and start again x

  • My (lovely) consultant is very keen on taking a break from azi over the summer or whenever suits best. In fact because I have not been ill during my 'break', he has told me not to start again unless I get a chest infection, and then to take them for at least two weeks like a 'normal' antibiotic. He says that there are risks with long term antibiotic use, and it is a balancing act to find the the right arrangements for everybody.

  • Thankyou 😆x

  • I started azi ten days ago. I was told that I would be on them for 9 months of the year. I am taking 250mg every day. Consultant will review in four months time.

  • Hya clematis

    sounds very much like me xx

  • I have been on azithromycin for around 2.5 years. Never had a break yet but I have heard of others who have been asked to do so.


  • Thankyou 😆 xx

  • Hi , I have to say I'm confused ,can someone explain to me what /& why you take AZITHROMYCIN ,


  • I'm told it's because it helps you stop getting infections. :)

  • Azithromycin is a prophylactic antibiotic drug that is used to prevent/control infections for those of us who have bronchiectasis or persistent infections so we take it 3 times a week. As I also understand it, it helps keep under control the existing infection in our lungs, but doesn't necessarily stop new infections if that makes sense? I have had 3 infections since being on it - all 3 have occurred after returning from holiday.

    Hope this helps


  • Thankyou

  • I was prescribed Slo-Phyllin a few weeks ago ,,,( had to stop due to side effects ) I wonder if that was a simarlar medication

  • Hi me again ,,just googled it ,and the reason I've not been prescribed it is probably because I'm intolerant to Eruthamicyn ,but thanks everyone for the imformation ,

  • Thankyou 😆 xx

  • Hi, my cons started me on Azi 3 times a week. After 4 months May_Sept. 2014. Then suggested I stop completely and see what happened. I have been very fortunate, not one infection since. Good luck and here's hoping you will have the same outcome barnowl

  • Thankyou 😆 xx

  • Hi Diane, sorry you are worried and not feeling your best. I too have Bronchiectasis and I too take Azith three times a week. I asked my consultant 1 year ago whether I would be taken off Azith in the future for any reason, as it was worrying me, and he told me, no I was on them for life. I cannot understand your consultant taking you off them (if they were helping you keep well) and of course I do not know your health issues either, but if I was you I would phone my GP as soon as possible and ask for help and advice. Leaving it will only make you feel worse and could result in a bad infection or worse, pneumonia. (I am sure you know this already). Good luck and take care of yourself. Let us know how you get on. Maximonkey

  • Thankyou maximonkey

    I really don't mind being on them and I feel they have helped me greatly and they act as a comfort blanket if you know what i mean? If I feel any by tomorrow (monday) I shall go see my gp.

    If I don't see my consultant durin July I may take it upon myself and restart my azithromycin, what do you think?xx

  • Hi Diane, I feel really great on Azith and wouldn't wish to come off them. I was so ill before, every six weeks in hospital with pneumonia, you will understand how I felt. When I started taking Azith it was just wonderful, now I can go 6 months sometimes more without getting an infection. I would not stop for anything. You must do what you think is right for you. You understand your body better than anyone. If in doubt speak with the doctor and ask for their help. My GP has been wonderful with me right through this whole process. Not every doctor understands Bronchiectasis, however, they will give you their honest opinion. After that it is up to you. Take care and keep in touch. Maximonkey

  • Aww Thankyou so much for you replies I really appreciate it, just don't want to get 'told off' by my consultant when I go and see him if I start them without home telling me, I do revert back to being a child when I go to the docs, I have been through so much with these cacky lungs since being a baby, pneumothorax (multiple on both lungs) and surgery to stop that from happening, on both lungs that I know have near enough a phobia to all things medical. But I did feel really good on my azithromycin.

  • I was told to stop in May and have felt fine, after being prescribed three times a week last August.

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