Sacred ill never get better

Everyday I wake up dry mouth cant breath right I try to eat it just makes it worst feels like am suffocating myself more and more with every bite I take its hard to swallow I constantly have to spit in order for me to breath cause all the sticky saliva in my mouth am only 19 this shouldn't be happening to someone my age I smoke cigarettes weed and drink beer I haven't brushed my teeth in years been smokeing for years as well also my and white spots somedays I can eeat some I ccant if anyone has any information of what it can be free welcome to message me any advice well be fine I just tired of doctors saying am fine but in reality I knoe am far from airight

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I suggest you Lay off the beer, stop the fags, give a the weed, clean your teeth, drink some water and eat. Hope this helps


Bloody rude!!!!

You are entitled to your air opinions as we live in a democratic country. Regarding this young man, he is intelligent enough to join this group, and if he is only 19 he has benefited from an education system that hammers home the dangers of alcohol, smoking and drugs. Many young people choose to ignore this advice and think it will not happen to them. Well it's fast catching up with Jay as he well knows, so if it takes some tough love and straight talking to get through to him, so be it. At least if he takes some steps towards stopping this destructive lifestyle, my original message will not have been wasted.


The attitude of TELLING people what to do is not ok ,as they do not take any notice so I prefer to take a more compassionate approach ,nothing wrong with that, well he's not answered so I will move forward from this post.

Only 19 ,have u got any family near you? You sound very unhappy that's a shame,a young life like your experiencing old peoples ailments, I'm not going to tell u what to do that's to easy, you have your whole life ahead of you,have u got a job? Keep searching for help,there is quite a lot, ,but I know in this society it is not good for young people no inspiration. I know what u are up against ,so keep trying so u can succeed in life ,contact family,they are important,. Take care in your search for good health.xbonnie.

Hello Jay 1995

Thanks for the contact. I have to tell you that on reading your post my responses were

1. How sad. That must be so hard

2. Is this guy taking the piss?

Thinking on 1. as 2. Would be even sadder to contemplate. I wondered how to be helpful.

You probably know the gentle truth that only we can change ourselves, however there are people and places for us that can be supportive. Contacting this site has been an indication of your moving to make changes.

So a couple of little actions that may help.

If you can't immediately stop smoking make sure you only do it in open fresh air. You may notice the difference in what is going into your lungs and see what you are putting out into the atmosphere.

Cup your hands over your nose and open mouth and breathe in and smell the air you breathe out over you unclean teeth. You may feel why your body is not wanting food that has to go over that area before you swallow it. If you start cleaning your teeth your gums will bleed but keep going they do stop when they are healthy and you will be so pleased that your are no longer putting that into your stomach when you eat

This is a bit of a long winded reply and I hope helpful rather than off putting. You may find if you can make these little changes you will find the next help you need.

My very best wishes in your search for change

Hi jay ,there's abit of positive compassion from Harry ,instead of Austerity ,I do hope u feel better after reading it ,I did. We have to support our young people,so much poverty in this chaotic society, there is always the BLF to ring to guide you along the best contacts for you. Please take more action. Bonnie..

You've had some good advice already...if your teeth are really awful many dentists will give you a sedative before you have any treatment...just ask.

Once you have a clean mouth and clean teeth you might find you want to eat more...that'll make you feel better in yourself...ask at your nearest chemists for advice about e-cigs to help you stop of luck.

Jay. I really don't know whether you are asking for help or not. You have pinpointed all the things that are causing your symptoms so you obviously have the intelligence to know that until you change this lifestyle there is no hope of improvement. Clean your teeth, drink a few pints of water a day, switch from smoking to vaping, get your trainers on and get out in the fresh air for a few hours a day - the rest will follow. After a few days you'll be ready to eat a scabby horse between two bakers carts as my dear old Granny used to say. At 19 you have all of life before you, put it to good use and good luck to you.

Thank you guys for the advice its sort of sad that my own famly wont help me but people I dont even knoe well take the time to help me in my struggle so thank you am extremely grateful for your advice no matter how straight forward ur advice might be I dont mind it one bit

That's good we don't want to start an argument ,lol,.... So u don't have anything to do with family, do u work or have any social workers ,,.?? That's a joke in this day and age,

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