hello my lovely friends. I come and read all the osts everyday, you are all so kind and living alone a bit like family. I am never sure wether to put everyone or community for 'who is this post for' ? Anyway still very anxious and panicky about things, which I was before but since being told I have COPD a bit more so!

I wonder if anyone is like me and takes me a while to breathe better when they first get up? I always feel really awful in mornings and it takes a good couple of hours to be able to do anything, is it just me? I would appreciate your replies and I hope everyone is having a good day, I think pollen count is high here in Sussex today. xx

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  • Good Morning! The pollen is very high everywhere today I think! My husband has severe COPD and yes mornings are definitely worse. He is much much slower in the morning than he ever used to be. Just try to take things at your own pace xxx

  • Hi

    Im just the same as you on a morning its a terrible start to the day and i nearly always think i cant stand another day like this but then tell myself i wont feel the same in a few hours so your not alone with that .

    Mandy x

  • Yes I also feel worse in the mornings, takes a few hours to get going. It Best wishes. x

  • It takes me maybe an hour to get up to my "normal " speed. According to my PR chap, the more you do the sooner you're body gets up to it's normal ( for us ) speed. So what I tend to do is start off doing things slowly. Then as the time moves on I find I can do more.

  • Hi if you want your post to say within here you tick community. It is locked then and only members can see it. If you tick the other it can go viral to be seen by anyone. I always lock mine. x

  • Hi, I always feel dreadful in the mornings. Fit for nothing. I always arrange appointments, outings for after lunchtime. I get annoyed with myself because I waste half the day.

  • It was so lovely to get all your replies, I feel so much better knowing I'm not alone with this morning thing though I wish none of us did! I also make appointments for afternoons but sometimes, like hospital stuff it's not so easy so I have to get up at 5 just so I know I will cope better getting there! I read Keith Richard autobiography last year and apparently it takes him all morning to function properly so maybe we are just a bit rock and roll lol. Thank you all again xx

    Sun is shining here, glad to be alive day xx

  • Hi I totally understand the morning thing. Maybe you are a night person like me? I go to bed late so fall out of bed around 10 then just watch TV, come on my lappy and that's it until about 1 pm :) x

  • not sure what I am but try to go to bed as late as possible now so I wake about 7 instead of 4 or 5! Hate that especially in winter, feels like im the only person in the world lol I don't like mornings now because I just feel so breathless for a good while, never mind I should be called wingy xx

  • HI There,

    I just wanted to welcome you to the forum, although a bit belatedly, but I am playing catch up as I was unable to post properly for a few days.

    As you can see from the replies you are far from alone in finding things harder in the morning with breathing and generally summing up the energy to get things done. It takes me ages, and have to do things slowly with short rests in between. I know what you mean also by having hospital appointments, as I live on an island and am reliant on patient transport so have to be ready very early no matter the time, but I just have to allow more time, and its amazing how you adapt as you go along.

    Its very normal to be anxious on first being diagnosed, but as you learn more from members here, and maybe speak to the helpline BLF nurses you will realise that there is plenty you can do to help yourself stay healthy, and be pro active in your approach. Everyone is different, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to post them as there will always be someone around to answer you.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • thankyou huggs .gosh an island that sounds great , tropical or Scottish? both lovely I bet. thank you for hug, I love hugs xx

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