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Medical bracelets

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I found this link in my inbox this morning and thought it might be useful. I got my husband one a while ago and he always wears a band just to let people know he has COPD especially if anything happened and I wasnt with him. I also thought it might be useful for anyone going abroad or on holiday. Hope everyone is keeping as well as possible. Lots of love TAD xxx

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Good idea - also useful if there is enough room to state that if you need oxygen, the target should be 88-92%, as higher than this risks CO2 retention. Most paramedics know this now, but like you say, if you were abroad, it could be reassuring to know that you carry this message on your bracelet.

Thanks Tad x :)


I have one now and feel better when out on my own now. I have allergies and multi conditions so I feel if they have an idea what I have they may get to the problem quicker if I am unconscious?


Thanks, great Idea...........


HI Tad,

Thanks for posting this, and sorry for the late reply as I am playing catch up just now.

I just wanted to say that I have the sos talisman type of alert bracelet watch, as this allows plenty of room for multiple conditions, allergies, drs, next of kin, blood group etc. The top unscrews off, and inside is a piece of special type paper which doesn't dissolve if it gets wet, and you fill out the relevant details on it.

They are ideal, but I do like the coloured ones too.

Hope you and Pete are doing well.

hugs from Huggs xxx :)


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