I have just read peege's reply to the post by Newbie......she says "knowledge is the key"

One good source of knowledge in my opinion is the BLF website ...especially the SUPPORT AND INFORMATION section.

When I was first diagnosed I was given two inhalers, but it was only when I was in hospital that I found the BLF leaflets and learnt more about my lung condition. Thanks

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Hi Knitter...Very true

Velvet x

Good point knitter - support and advice plus knowledge are all great. You take care. xxx

Whatever happens in my life, it is my instinct to seek out all relevant information and facts concerning the issue. It is a way of facing up to any challenge or problem. Then I set up a file. NO, my life hasn't been that eventful but it can be helpful. xx

An invaluable resource for all those with lung disease.

I heard it announced on the news that" we're living in the age where doctors have to allow us to medicate ourselves". With the Internet and how places like Germany n swizz so ahead in lung disease, of course we don't won't to be held back ,or fobbed off because of cuts, when if you like u can pay if u do not want to be a victim of unesasary cuts. No social care. I medicate myself to save me going into hospital now n again, that way too I find what's best for me to lead the most comfortable life as I have very bad emphsema n asthma. I find nebulizer the best for me atomizer,as I seize up a lot ,allergy to pollen .toxins chemicals fumes everything these days.

Totally agree, I have recently suggested some treatments to my cons that I learnt about on here. Wonder if he would have got round to telling me eventually. :-0

GJ x

Knowledge is power and with that power we can all control our illness

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