Spam Fritters Anyone?

Just cleared all my spam...there wasn't much actually but it reminded me of Spam fritters...all greasy and slippery...served with tinned tomatoes that slopped over the edge of the plate and stained Mother's pristine white tablecloth.

And Corned Beef hash...there'd be suspicious tiny bits of white stuff that my brother and I would carefully pick out and leave on the side of the plate...I think I once told him it was part of the whites of the cows eyes. We ate it with fried onions...not the cows eyes, the Hash.

Then there was Luncheon meat with salad for tea on a Sunday afternoon...the Luncheon meat was pale pink... cut into thin slices. I used to give most of mine to Mothers Siamese cat who sat under the table with his paw poised ready to grab the scraps...then he'd be sick on the sitting-room carpet.

Probably the very worst supper was Chicken Fricassee...chopped up cold chicken smothered in a white sauce...with boiled onions.

Sardine fishcakes were another horror...soggy on the outside rather than crispy and served with mashed potatoes...the combination sort of clogged your teeth up...the cat would make a beeline of course, to his place close to my brothers and my ankles...he wait expectantly for tit-bits while Mother kept an eagle eye on us both... add insult to injury...Mother would make her own Tartare sauce to go with the fishcakes...I can honestly say I've never eaten Tartare sauce since...even if it comes in a tiny jar and is dreadfully expensive. I pass it by with a shudder.

Haven't seen tins of Spam or Luncheon meat in a shop for ages...our local supermarket still sells Corned Beef though...

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  • We can still get Spam,I like it fried crispy, I use a butter spray so it does not get greasy, I like corned beef too. And cods roe again fried very crispy.

  • Yuck...Father used to have Cods Roe on toast sometimes...

  • It has to be the hard one all eggs,not the soft roes

  • Apparently Spam is making a comeback,but not in my house! We used to feed our dog, which sat under the table, when we were children. Ok as long as you were not caught by mother!! X

  • Each to his or her own of course but I wouldn't ever eat Spam

  • Hello Vasati, I remember mum making Fray Bentos corned beef fritters with mash and tinned peas yum I think. Yes you can still get Spam even Turkey flavoured would you believe. I did love Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie in a tin, the pastry was to die for, I'm starving now. Love lee. 🐷

  • And the tins were really handy to use as cat dishes...! Turkey flavoured Spam...for heaven sakes lol

  • I still enjoy luncheon meat fried in a non stick frying pan with no added fat. Corned beef Ash is my 7year old granddaughter favourite meal , though without white bits.I will be remembered for my pea soup made with bacon ribs and dumplings, a great winter warmer.

  • Now the sort of pea soup you make is the sort Himself would love...maybe you could put your recipe on one day please?

    Perhaps your granddaughter doesn't have an older sister to tell her awful tales about whites of cows

  • Wow a veritable trip down memory lane. I was raised on such delights!! Still love corned beef hash pie with Henderson's Relish. Salad was set out individually, no wonder people hated it. Lol. I love salad now with the plethora of content and choice. I also remember pink custard at school dinners!! Lol such stuff as dreams are made of.

  • Ooo pink custard was lovely...we used to have ours with a jam tart pudding...funny sort of jam but the custard was nice!

  • This made me feel really ill remembered spam fritters! Still like corned beef though.

  • Even find bits of the whites of the cows eyes?????

  • I think my mother went to the same cookery classes as yours Vashti. We used to have corned beef hash which was ok but were also expected to eat roasted pigs head (yuck), giblets (can't waste anything), black pudding and very overcooked veg. My sister would not eat much of anything but we were made to eat up our food as children in other countries were starving. I did once suggest sending my dinner to them but got a clip round the ear for my cheek!

    We didn't have fritters but I cooked them when I worked as a dinner lady - poor kids.

    We still eat corned beef, generally in sandwiches or rolls, and we could buy Spam and luncheon meat but choose not to.

    I love all sorts of food but oh to have such a wonderful choice from all over the world. Would not want to go back to the 50's or 60's. Oh, just remembered the Vesta curries though, they were ok.

    Take care xxxxx

  • Oh imagine being presented with roast pigs head...just reading about it made my tummy

    They were a bit dry though...the Vesta Curries I mean...just reminded Himself about them...he said he used to like them and can you get them now...told him to go away before he regretted saying that...◙◙

  • I think you can still get them in certain places but can't remember where now - sorry to Himself but would not want to get him into any trouble. xxxxx :)

  • Y es. We were fed plenty of corned beef, spam,and luncheon meat as children, you have just reminded me one of the reasons I became a vegetarian !

  • Didn't take long for me to go down that route

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