Hi everyone sometimes i read posts where some people say that they cant get a deep breath with this COPD,, has this sometimes happens to me its a feeling like you want to sigh or yawn to catch that deep breath in and when you do it feels good.

Its not that i cant breath or out of breath but just cant get to that high breath when i breath in sometimes and now when i am on tred mill at the gym or a brisk walk i have to stop and hold on to something to get that deep breath in.

I am not sure if this is my COPD or just me being anxious or is this just in my mind but what ever its a strange feeling and i seem to be doing it more.

Best wishes


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That's how I am...when I get that deep breath, I get a feeling of full satisfaction, then it goes away again. Its horrible. That was my first noticeable symptom, which is what led me to go to my Dr., because it didn't seem right..


It is the half full glass syndrome, it is the trapped air in the lungs that prevents us getting that full breath. Try breathing out longer.

It's a weird sort of feeling isn't it...I get it often, not that it's any help to you really◙

Trying to get these deep breaths constantly is a pattern you don't want to develop. I had it for years, drove me mad. You can train yourself to stop trying to take them. Your breathing will improve and you will have a higher hit rate on getting these satisfying breaths.

Google Hyperventilation.

Hi what I do which helps me is I take as deep as possible a breath quickly through my nose, hold it for a few seconds, then breathe out a bit slower. I keep going as long as I can as I think this helps free trapped air. When I have done this half a dozen times my sats go up and I can breathe better. x

Good answer Cough...


Thanks Ruby. I just find it works for me when my sats are low or I find it hard to breathe properly. When I take the dog down the beach I always take advantage of the sea air and do a few breathing exercises. Who needs a salt pipe when you have the sea? :) x

What is a salt pipe ?


It contains salt which is said to be good for respiratory problems. They are not medically proven to work. I get loads of salt in my lungs from living in a seaside area. :) x


Make sure have cleared your lungs out by 'pursed lips' breathing out and keeping 'blowing' as long as can (within reason of course!) This will ensure you have some space to breathe into. Worth a try.......


Hi and thanks for replys has its not just me that gets this feeling of i cant sometimes get a deep breath in has i would like to.

Your replys have been noted.

Best wishes and good luck everyone


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