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Doctors not telling the whole truth

Has anyone here had experience of Doctors who don't give you the full picture or give you the impression you are ok.

I have found specialists using unclear terms like "no significant disease" in correspondence when this evidence is there I have mild disease.

I always find at visits with my Pulmo he is saying things like you are doing well, you are fine, you have nothing to get overly concerned about, things look good to me, etc, etc.

None of them every gave me a diagnosis until I met a straight talking German Pulmo this month who said I have chronic bronchitis.

In the background I'm coughing up my lungs and waking up at night due to SOB and feeling generally poor most of the time. I also have a well documented history of mild smoking and asthma.

I have also come across a paper on Theraputic Privilage in the medical profession that more or less states this is the modus operandi for some doctors.

Personally I belive unless one is at a severe stage the Pulmonary profession play it all down due to the impact this disease has on ones mental health, quality of life and outcomes.

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Hi I agree 100% with you. I find exactly the same with my doctors and nurses and it drives me mad! I much prefer straight talking and have told my medics that to no avail. Surely it's the individuals choice how much information we choose to have as after all it's my body and we are all adults. x


I agree results or figures can be within what they class as the normal range , but is that the normal for you before you had these problems. I had a ct and it stated no significant hilar or adenopathy think spellings correct. I asked what this means says its nothing and nothing to worry about so why did the radiologist comment on it. Your correct in a previous post a hrct will not show the effects of asthma or chronic bronchitis on small airways. My understanding is that the ct will not show airways less than 3mm unless there is significant disease present. I also had contrast to assess blood vessels. Had to have two lots of contrast as the first passed through to quickly. The fact that there was nothing visible is a good sign im grateful for that.


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