Old age pension documents

Old age pension documents

As older people, we are asked to carry lots of documents, ID, bills to prove our address, drug list, short medical history, do we want to be ressuscutated (Who sas it who said, I am the resurrection and the life?!) so the department of work and pension is now offering a free USB. Look further. (Mind you it would be lost in salted water rinse wouldn't it?!)

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  • OMG, too funny

  • You're a rascal Mike - that's why we love ya! cx

  • Ya "I like that one", Many a true word spoken in jest comes to mind. Mike.

  • That's bonkers Mic. Very funny :)

  • Absolutely brilliant Mic, I must show Pete this one as he wears dentures. Love it. xxx

  • ⁉️ ☑️ ⁉️👀

  • Farmer, I like your eyes; they say a lot!!!!!

  • Ew!!!! ha ha ha x

  • Spot on Mic.

  • Brilliant! X

  • That is funny Mic, still laughing :) :)

  • Brilliant

  • I offered to have chip implanted like I did with my dog. Would not lose the info then?

  • Offcut, it might swallow it!

  • Obvioualy we are on queue with what the new governement wants to invent for our "benefit"(oops, I thought they wanted to cut them off!) Cheers to all of you, Mic

  • Mlove it! Maybe you could patent the idea!

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