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I have given up smoking after almost 50 years it has now 4 months 4 month ago I was in hospital with shortness of breath and was in a bad way I thought it was the end of me I spent 5 days in there and had time to think Then 3 weeks after that I was back again shortness of breath they said I have copd so it going to be a change of life with the help of my wife and girls it's going to be hard but I mean to carry on

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Hi Ed, I smoked for over 40 years till may of last year. was short of breath and took up vapouring to help. Although its was a massive improvement for me and Ive not had a ciggie since, Ive just been told I have COPD. So I wish you well with your life changing I too intend to change drastically. Im just new to the forum but welcome and best wishes.


Hi ed and welcome to the board. (You too Jjude.)

Well done on the stopping smoking, you might not feel the benefits for a while, some feel them quicker but, you will feel it eventually. It's the most important thing to do. x

Welcome Edtongue1 and well done you for giving up smoking after all those years. You have such a positive attitude and with the support of loved ones and this great site, you will do well I am sure.

Wishing you well xxxx

thanks casper x

Here's the good news, too.. When they get you on the right meds, which may take a bit of tooing & froing - maybe slowly, but you'll be better than you are now.. so DO stay positive.

Best wishes

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