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Newbe looking for info

Hi, Im a 76 y o male U.S. Citizen. I had a CT scan last week for bowal problem and have been advised that it indicated early stage IPD. I have an appointment for follow up and HRCT on june 30.

I have no obvious symptoms. I ride a bicycle approx 80 miles per week and am signed up for a 2 day 200 mile ride on July 9-10. My restinr hr is approx 50bpm.

Reading the posts on this board is troubling, but I appreciate all suggestions.

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Hi Rhales, and welcome to this site. I've got COPD rather than IPD - is that interstitial pulmonary disease? - so I'm not able to say much, but I'm sure someone will be along soon who will be able to answer some of your requests.


Hi Rhales, welcome to the site. I have Copd but as I understand it IPD is an illness with similar symptoms. There are members on the site who should be along later who can give more advice. You sound very fit but some exercises help to keep the lung working to maximum even when we have an illness. Service is much different in the US to UK.

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I have RLD with fibrosis. I would say that you must look at yourself first as to what you are capable of, rather than what the web says. Very often the terminology can be the worry not the condition.

You are considerable fitter than me and I applaud you for that. Knowing when to slow down or have a rest is more important and enjoy life.

Be Well


Hya wow I am impressed i would say your on the right track cycling walking strengthening excercises best way forward..according to my early web reading I'm shouldn't be writing this!

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Rhales Welcome indeed. Wow You sound the fittest man on earth! I tell you that if you carry on with your fitness training, the symptoms will not get much chance to progress. I have bronchiectasis

(enlargment of some alveoli, not all!) I had TB, I had pseudomononas recurring, Moraxella. But you know, in the end, if you can protect yourself with fitness this is great. Do you take Vitamins A and D and C, zinc for the immune system? I don't know if you need any supplement if you ride in the open air, you must eat well. But you are welcome to say more about what is bothering you in particular. Mic


It's always good to know what you have but until "YOU" can no longer carry on the way you would like I wouldn't let it rule your thoughts.


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