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Big shock

Hy since January I've not been exercising as much as I feel I need to. Just had to fly over from Canaries to see my brother in law who had discovered he had a probable malignant tumor in his lower intestine. Felt a bit rough during the flight, but thought nothing of it, during the next two days I was down to bellow fifty yards (had built up to early morning walks of 6 klms). Recovery time was ages. Inhalor use dramatically in creased. Went to Jack's doctor and she referred me to Queen Alexanders Hospital in Portsmouth, the Ambulatory Unit. Suspected blood clot on lung. (Just in case)

These people were marvellous, atmosphere was happy, concern for all in their care obvious. Three and a half hours I'm out the door meds in hand, them having completed bloods and X rays and a little restorative treatment with the old oxygen and something nice!

Thank you QA almost, I say ALMOST, makes me want to move South. Oh and my brother in law well QA are working hard there too. Tests back no signs of the big C, further tests promised and delivered for the 1st of July, and as they involve anesthetic pretty rapid service.

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Really brightened my day joke to know that our wonderful NHS has come up trumps again. Hope you stay well and wishing your brother-in-law well too. Take care. xxxx




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