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I'm new as well was diagnosed in January mild emphysema

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Hi everyone,hope you guys are all well my doctor said give the smokes aWay while I'm 89 %fev1he said I will be fine I have no breathing problems as yet I'm so sc ared I could not sleep and anxiety was bad I have settled down abit but I started smoking again and now I'm worried

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Hi doubledock and welcome to the site.

We're all scared when we are first diagnosed. It will calm right down.

I'm no expert on the numbers but 89% is fantastic.

Don't beat yourself up over the smoking, your anxiety will be making stopping, impossible. It happened to me.

Cut right down, ready to stop and once you realise your going to be fine, it'll be much easier to do it. There are lots of aids to choose from to help you.

Your so mild, it really isn't anything to be worrying yourself over. xx

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doubledock in reply to casper99

Casper99 thank you I k ow I should be grateful it was found early,just that I nursed my mum 3yrs ago with ipf we only had a short time once diagnosed and I lost my dad only 16mths before and I'm only 46 and both my parents died at 64 I'm guessing that's where I'm heading sorry for raving on but my kids don't want to hear it they say mum your not that bad they don't understand I guess that's why I'm on here with people going through the same thing. Big hugs

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casper99 in reply to doubledock

Oh, you've been through a lot the last few years haven't you?

I lost my partner to lung cancer 3 years ago. He was gone within 6 weeks. Three weeks later, I was diagnosed mod emphysema. It sent me into a spiral of anxiety and depression. But, I don't feel any worse and I realise, it's no point me fretting myself silly because people can be diagnosed severe and are still alive and kicking 20,30 years later. It would be a complete waste of my life to spend it worrying about this if I could be still here in 30 years time and I'm 64% fev.

So, you see what I mean about you having nothing to worry about.

Tell yourself, your going to stop smoking and then just get on with life.

I don't discuss it too much with my son's, I've given the one that smokes more info as warning, but I don't want them fretting about me when I'm doing fine. I let my fears out on here. Our kids don't want to think about us being I'll, it upsets them.

The sooner you calm down, the sooner you'll stop smoking and you'll start to feel lile your old self, you'll feel great and your worrying will stop, honestly. xx

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doubledock in reply to casper99

C Asper99 you have brought tears to my eyes I also have a son that smokes and I give him a hard time,sorry for your loss I'm still struggling with the loss of my parents and you are right about the kids they don't need to see me this way I have been the kids back bone I have been on my own for 9yrs now with them and it's been hard I guess I'm at a weak point at the moment and they find it hard to see me this way thank you for your words they mean a lot to me I will through those smokes I promise myself can I ask where you are from?

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casper99 in reply to doubledock

I live in West Yorkshire. xx

Stop smoking, please!!! Hard but possible.

Thanks Kath I have done it before I can to it again big hugs xx

Stopping smoking? Easy... I've done it loads of times... lol!

That's funny I will give them away....hugs x

89% , 64% of what.

What is being measured here? and why?


Please give up the cigs. Know it's not easy. As long as you exercise and keep yourself healthy the emphysema will get no worse. Live the life and get something for the anxiety if it doesn't.t improve. SueE

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