Greetings from Ossiepaul

Hi everyone, just found this site and pleased it looks so friendly and helpful. I have mild copd and am just recovering from first chest infection which was not nice- permanent cough with lots of mucus which was difficult to bring up. (Sorry if that sounds too gross). Feeling much better after two bad weeks before seeing gp -didn't realise it was infection but just thought it was worsening symptom of copd. Derrrr!!! What an idiot!!! Lol. Will be visiting this site often. Love to everyone.

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Welcome ossiepaul

i am mild copd has well you will find the people on this site very helpfull

Good luck


Hi Music, thanks for the welcome. How are you coping with the symptoms?

Hi Ossiepaul

if you click on my circle you will see how i have been doing in the past 3 years has not been doing that bad but do get chest infections in the winter and i find that exercise walking keeping active realy helps.

Good luck


Welcome Ossiepaul. You have found the best site out for all the help, support and advice you could ask for. This gang are great, and so friendly.

Keep well

Velvet x

Hi nice to meet you. You should always go straight to the doctors if you have a chest infection or just get a worsening of your symptoms. These are called exacerbations and can further damage your lungs unless they are treated quickly.

Don't take any chances with your lungs and if you think there is a problem you need to see your doctor straightaway rather than waiting. x

" Hello and a Big Welcome to you Ossiepaul..Yes!.. we are all here for One another..

The advise coughalot2 as given you.. is a must, where there's a risk of chest infections..

have a good weekend..Megan."

Hi Paul, I'm in Oz as well. I have Asthma, COPD and Arthritis. Welcome to the site, lots of helpful info and support here.

Wow looks like you got a full house!!! And I thought just mild COPD on its own was bad!! Thanks for your warm welcome.

This person has jued pm'd all the ones who have replied to this post as follows

Not sure if my last message reached you all. I am a Reiki master and a certified practitioner in EFT. I will give free treatment sessions to anyone here who requests them. It's not a bad deal as usual fee is £25-30 per session. If you want please message me. I can do sessions over Skype or hangouts or face to face ( you would have to come to me unfortunately) or by distance healing. No limit on sessions.

Ossiepaul 33 minutes ago

I have reported it and hope everyone else does the same.

hi so glad you are coping ok do what the the doctors says and exercise and you will

be ok sue xx

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