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Smoking with Asthma, Duh!

I've been beating myself up over this one lately, I reckon it qualifies me for a Distinguished Darwin Award.

I missed vital warnings signs in my life, never mind the usual coughs, breathlessness and sputum I did cross paths with the medical community a number of times.

Warning 1 Asthma as a child, mild after 8/9

Warning 2 PFTs and inhalers in 1995 Age 26

Warning 3 PFTs and Symbicort prescribed in 2002 Age 32

It took me another year to give up after 2002, only when I noticed that the Symbicort wasn't as effective. In fact it went from making me normal to making me feel worse.

I started smoking at 17 and only smoked socially but I had an active social life, a least out twice a week and sometimes up to four times a week.

When I was out I would go through 10 to 20 cigs. This continued for 17 years. For some reason my breathing was better when smoking, most likely due to bronchodilator chemicals in cigs.

I know others continue to smoke even with a diagnosis of COPD but maybe they were diagnosed late in life. I was 34.

This isn't a woe is me tale though I do feel like that. Just wondering if any one else relates. I'm sure most you regret smoking anyway so maybe this post is irrelevant.

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Its really pointless beating yourself up over what you may havedone do yourself in your youth. Theres many things i have done to my body i wish id never done and may come back to bite me. Its done its happened and we cant turn back time. But we can do our best now to make our future better and im sure your doing that, the best one was quitting smoking.

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Thanks Ponk, how have you been, have you had any improvement?


Ok thanks. Still having the same issues. Having a good patch at moment i think its because of warm weather. Think i may have had a development on the phlegm in throat issue. Was leaving for work in the wk was in car and this almighty globule of mucus dropped into my mouth i think from my sinuses. Its happened twice since and when it does ive had a strange sensation in sinus and i fizzing sound. Im hoping it is a sinus issue but can this problem cause such issues with the lungs. Im returning to docs this wk with whats happened. Hopefully get some meds to resolve it had it 18 months now. Like yourself had many tests with no diagnosis. Whens your sleep review. Are you back on your bike yet clocking up those miles.


Off the bike for a while, my heads not in it.

Yes sinus can cause the problems you describe. Try the Neilmed sinus rinse for about 3 months. They make a difference.


From previous posts you where into your cycling. Maybe getting yourself back on it will help you mentally. It definately helps me. I can be having symptoms and exercising makes me say to myself right you have just ran cycled or whatever it is ive done your not giving up and doing the things you enjoy.


Hi, yes do try the Nielmeds saline nasal wash. It's very very good.

The sinus cavities are quite big in your forehead and cheeks (there are some acupressure points to relieve the pressure, loosen the yuk and lessen pain, see YouTube) a lot of mucus can collect & if it's thick then it can't escape very well. There are spores which can travel to your airways causing trouble (also from the other direction from gastric reflux).

Drinking loads helps moisten or there are nasal sprays with steroids. I've been taking Nasonex for many years. It's a bummer for sure. P


Hi don't worry about it as we all make mistakes and beating ourselves up doesn't get us anywhere except depressed. The main thing is you learn from this and change things for the future. That's what life is isn't it? A process of learning and adapting. Take care. x


Thanks for that.


Well how's this? In my early 40's I noticed my son smoking Camel Lights. They were packed in a cute pale blue box with a camel on it. I thought it so cute I went out & bought some. Mostly I carried them around & used about 10 - 20 a week for 3 years.

I surely should have known better? Mind you, I was very fit at the time and didn't know I had asthma., still a twat though. P


Thanks Peege, having read through your posts you seem to have had minimal smoking exposure. Did you ever get a diagnosis, are you taking any meds?


Yep. Seretide 250 spray inhaler, Salamol Easi-Breathe (changed back to Ventolin by new GP surgery since moving from London). Carbocysteine maintenance dose (that new practice were surprised about & may cancel, if they do I shall buy NAC from H&Barretts) and Montelukast.

I also take extra bits & various supplements.

the Seretide was doubled to 500 in winter 13/14 & worked a treat at helping not to get infections/exacerbations. However, that dose wrecked my skin integrity & gave horrible foot cramps.

Asthma diagnosed 10 years ago but I now realise I had it all my life.

Asthma confirmed by lovely registrar at St George's, Tooting. She showed me scarring, both lungs on CT & said I have a beautiful pair of lungs.

Was referred because previous GP thought I had bronchiectasis or Aspergillis.

I've seen copd on my med records but never been informed verbally so new respiratory nurse will do spirometry 29th.

I'm 99% sure I don't have copd so will be p...... off if I have.

You didn't ask for all that but I'd said I would in a reply to your PM a couple of weeks ago. was off gallivanting 😀

Hope all's well with you. P


Mind you, I was brought up in polluted London which didn't help. Biking to work for years in the diesel fumes.

We won't be the only ones having done daft things though. I'm a great believer in the past being where it belongs, behind us. Now is the important & doing/being/open/positive for a great future. P x


I'm right there with you on that Darwin award podium!! Lifelong Asthma, smoking since way too young to be doing so, at times lighting up while wheezing first thing relying on that hit of bronchodilator chemicals in the cigs.

Gave up smoking 5 years ago and deteriorated in the last year-18 months. Toss up at the moment which is causing the most trouble, Asthma that refuses to be controlled or COPD.

Beating ourselves up won't change anything, now on to managing our changing situations, Good luck and wishes


What age are you now Suze?

I gave up 12 years ago, breathing wasn't good for those years but have had a significant development in increased symptoms since March.

Now have crackles on inspiration and can't get a nights sleep. I also have a near constant SOB. Had a sleep study last week and will have repeat PFT's and a CT in September most likely.

As I have pre dominantly Asthmatic Chronic Bronchitis I feel this is worse than having mainly Emphysema as you are more likely to pick up infections due to having an ever present bug breeding ground smack bang in the centre of ones body.

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This is me ck101! Your story sounds so similar to me, I can’t beliebe it, How are you feeling now, you don’t seem to have posted for a while?


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