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Anyone else having problems with no post no interactions nothing

I am going through no interaction with my HU family for ages. Well I have my ambulatory O2 at long last and just in time for summer I felt I was going to either be stuck indoors or at least not far away from my machine.

As for dry bogies the respiratory nurse has given me a sea salt nasal spray by the name of Sterimar nasal hygiene once you get into using it all seems well it does state that it works better if you can stay of O2 for at least 1/2 an hour.

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Are you able to get out more? My husband has found it so useful to have oxygen. We also use sterimar. Take care xxx

Hello Ant. Good to see you back. Hope you get out and about again. Take care Suzyxxx

Sterimar has helped my sinus congestion problem I used to get a blocked Eustachian tube regularly, still get bogies though don't think there is a cure for those! Glad to hear you have your ambulatory O2 I always feel better for getting out for a walk with my dog. I have Bronchiectasis and don't need O2 although I don't know if it's the hot weather but I was walking down one of the Isles in Homebase yesterday looking for something and I felt so breathless and so tired like my legs wouldn't work I thought OMG I feel so old and knackered all of a sudden. My dog Mae is 15 and a half has a terminal cancer and plods on happily each day regardless she is amazing she lives for the day every day a shining example of enjoying what you have to the full .

Welcome back to the family.

Good to see you ant and hope the Sterimar works well for you. Good thing to have the oxygen now and it must mean you can get out more. Hope so anyway. xxxx

Oh Tony, I'm so sorry you cannot speak to us. What have you tried to remedy the situation, Have you mentioned it to the administrator (well one of them!). He or she ought to be a wizkid or can refer you to one of them to sort thsi out.

I did try a salt pipe where you insert salt and inhale the fumes. I found that when you are ill, it works only a little. But hey, if it works for you, that is really smashing.

All the best with it and with econnecting and interacting with us. Mic

I just noticed your post Ant. I am so pleased for you. Getting the portable tanks can make such a difference to life. Not just the obvious of going out, but the extra freedom of mind of "knowing" that you are not tied to a room.

Best wishes, Rib

Are you still unable to receive our posts to you Ant?

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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