Hi can anyone help please has i know these are only numbers and i dont feel that bad at the moment with i think this mild COPD i have, but do anyone know has i cant understand what FEV1 BEFORE INHALER IS 2.72 AND AFTER INHALER FEV1 IS 2.85 what do them numbers mean

What % would be 2.72 of my fev1 has i dont understand that bit what per cent would i be of my fev1.

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  • You can work it out with your height and age, google Spirometry calculator.

  • You also have just over 4% reversibility so a you don't have a diagnosis of asthma based on bronchodilator reversability. This is not stating you don't have asthma. You could very well see a decrease with a Methacoline challenge.

  • Thanks for this reply ck101

  • patient.info/doctor/spirome...

    shows the numbers. The Fev 1 is the amount blown in 1 second so when you took the inhaler it shows that your lungs blew more so were improved by the inhaler. This shows obstructive condition.

    I am Restrictive so my readings are different and showed no change after 6 salbutamol.

    Hope that helps.


  • thanks for this offcut


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