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a favourite author of mine is Sue Townsend, of the Adrian Mole series of books. As I was just re-reading one of her books I thought I would look up her life story on Wikipedia. I knew that she had died last year age 68, but she suffered ill health for many years, and it astonished me how she could have retained her wonderful sense of humour through all her suffering. It sounds as though she was a special person in many ways. I can remember reading my first 'Adrian Mole diary age 13 and 3 quarters 'when my sons were young teenagers, and laughing out loud - it really struck home. I've not grown out of them I' m glad to say, they still make me laugh. iris x

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  • Great to find books you love Iris and Sue Townsend was a really good writer. Sad that she died so young but as you say, she suffered ill health for some time.

    Hope you are keeping as well as you can and enjoying some sunshine. xxx

  • A great author I have read all her books. As I am from Leicester I know many of the places she refers to in her books. I found her book on the royal family being overthrown and having to live on a very rough council estate hilarious. She was a one off and will be missed by many

    Velvet x

  • I agree and I read that book too. and the woman who went to bed for a yesr, even the title makes you laugh. Sad personal story though, many difficulties to overcome. iris x

  • Hello iris another author I like and is very funny is Terry Ravenscroft. His collection of books on his letters of complaints to various companies are brilliant. Try Dear Air 2000 or Dear Coke a Cola.

    Velvet x

  • I will try those. thanks.

  • I loved Adrian Mole. I had not realised she had been so ill, poor girl. She wrote this spoof about the Queen having to move to a council flat! It's on a CD. But I think it's been obscured because of teh touchy subject!

    It's good to read humour. Good humour isn't easy to find. I read teh Portable Door by Tom Holt. he has some humorous traits too. Mic

  • I agree they were very funny books.

  • Adrian Mole quote 'I've never seen a dead body or a female nipple. That's what comes from living in a cul-de-sac.'

  • So True we moved from a close I did not either?

  • Well, ther you go - many a true word spoken in jest, lol

  • Sue Townsend was a wonderful lady. I read most of her books, but hadn't heard of the woman who stayed in bed for a year.

    Do any of you remember Paul Gallico? He wrote many books, his funny ones included the Mrs Harris ones.

    A very moving one was Jennie about a cat.

  • I shall certainly look out for this author, thanks. I'm always glad to add a new writer to my list. Iris x

  • I bought Jennie for my Kindle. There is a bigger choice in books.

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