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Does anyone keep budgies ?

I have severe copd and am o oxygen 24/7 at 2lts.

Two weeks ago I made the heart breaking decision to rehome my 6 cats and my long haired GSD I am no longer able to look after them and the house had become dirty and there was always a strong smell. Now they have gone and the house is clean again I realize it should have happened a long time ago.

Several people have suggested getting a couple of budgies as I am lonely on my own and have had budgies in the past, I have never been animal free my whole adult life.

Now I am cat and dog hair free my breathing has improved dramatically. So to the reason for the post. Has anyone kept budgies and have they has any affect on your breathing ?



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I might be wrong but I always thought they were not good for folks with respiratory probs because of the dust and detritis from their wings. Might be wrong about that though.

Could you get a breed of cat or dog which does not shed hair?


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So sorry you lost all your furry friends.

You must be so lonely. ...

I agree with anne on the birds. No good with breathing problems .

Rubyxx ๐Ÿ˜Š


"Hello Anne..Reading your post regarding you having to part with your animals sounded so heart Wrenching.I so feel for you.... i kept a large outdoor aviary with breeding budgies in it...But.. that sadly was one the first things that had to go when I developed COPD due to not being able to breath around them..because of all the dust..."Danda" its called, It comes of all birds, feathers....Thankfully I have no problems with my two Border Collies and my breathing problems... I like others that have suggested you getting a little poodle or a breed that doesn't have hair..A dog with a wool like coat.,, are perfect to own if you have breathing problems......good luck to you and keep yourself Positive....And No!! Budgies!!......Megan."


We keep roller pigeons. 8 to be exact. I've have no problem at with them.


I had to get rid of my canaries because of the dust they create but I now have two shi tsus as they don't shed. I have them trimmed as short as possible because I cannot groom them. I cannot walk them but sit in the garden and throw a toy so they are running round! One of them came from the Many Tears rescue centre in South Wales, they have a website. manytearsrescue.org/ . Also have severe COPD emphysema Stage 4 and am on oxygen. Hope this helps. Keep smiling

Carole x

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I used to keep birds parakeets, parrots and soft bills until I got COPD then had to give them all up due to feather dust, I kept my gsd until he passed away, now I have 2 small dogs a Jack Russell and a cross shizt stu (sorry about the spelling) which I wont give up as they are along with my husband company for me, because I cant keep birds I now have a feeder in the garden for the wild birds and put out a few mealworms and wax worms each day ( hubby does it for me ) as I miss having the bird, I now keep myself busy with my computer in the mornings and then start knitting in the afternoons, my heart goes out to anyone that has to give up their pets because of illness,

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Definitely NO BIRDS! I was diagnosed with Non-Specific Interstitial Pneumonitis and because I tested positive for something called Avian??? they were really quizzing me about whether I had any birds. I had previously had birds so it is clear I had come into contact with this bird thing and had developed the antigens for it. They did however completely rule it out for the cause of my current condition stating that I had not had the birds for well over 8 years and also because I had previously had clear X-rays and no sign of Lung disease one year prior to diagnosis. I would definitely NOT have any type of birds whatsoever and feeding pigeons to attract them is very dangerous for people with lung problems. I hope you can get another pet but do your research and make sure it is safe first. Good luck and lots of hugs. So sorry you had to get rid of all your other pets.


Thank you all for your replies. I am finding life so much easier without my four legged friends although I miss them very much. No litter tray smell no large dog bouncing round me and as for the hair. They have all gone to good places. No birds is ok happier lungs is amazing. Anne


HI, Birds are bad for breathing problems as suggested by others here plus problems with dogs &cats . Dogs that don't malt are the best option, I had a Shi Tzu for 14 years with no problem but cant look after another dog as I also have Osteoarthritis and cant walk too far. Another dog option are poodles that don't shed hair. I understand how you miss your pets, I really miss my dog. Tina.


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