Bridge from civilisation to us!

Bridge from civilisation to us!

This little bridge links us to the rest of the town. Near this bridge is also our church, then a field and eh doggies walk right alonteh sea from but everything in green grass and clumps of trees.

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  • that is so pretty, taking a photo of somewhere familiar seems to help us to see it through fresh eyes. I have so enjoyed using the camera app on my ipad. so easy and good quality photos. enjoy the summer. Love Iris x

  • I don't have Ipads or smartphone. I just use a conventional digital SLR Canon EOS 5000. It's more bulky than the new iPhones, but I like it. Mic

  • That's so pretty Helingmic, everything looks lovely at this time of year. xx

  • So very true! I love this time of year. Thanks. Mic

  • Nice to see a home picture Mic :)

    How are you? haven't seen you post for some time. Hope all is well and you're playing the flute in the sun xxx

  • I need to say I've just caught a rotten cold at church from a retired doctor who shared that he is just finishing a sore throat. I have just started it now! Grr! I shall have to camp at home with steam inhalation, rinsing with salt or with vinegar, Bah! Mic

  • How beautiful is that? There are so many on this site that are lucky enough to live

    in lovely surroundings, it must be very relaxing to have views like that? Thank you for sharing that with us. XX

  • If you saw this bridge from another angle, it would be quite ordinary. But i found that when you see the green trees all around, it looks like a Japanese bridge! Thank you, Mic

  • Looks like a lovely spot Mic. xxxx

  • I'm privileged to see this indeed.

  • What a lovely place to stand and contemplate.

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