My husband and carer went to pick up my prescription to put in chemist .

They said it had been sent electonicaly ?

When he went to pick it up it wasn't ready now there is a surprise .

It's been happening for awhile , it's a very busy chemist and they always have staffing problems as it is . They said come back in a hour .

I was most upset what happened to freedom of choice ? With a prescription list we have choice to go elsewhere .

I phoned my surgery and complained ,they said the pharmacy should have said that we can opt out ,so I did .

All this puts pressure on me and my carer ,he can be back and forward all day at least we have a choice the old way . So opt out as they are trying to change the law ,so we have no choice ,that is not right . kookie

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  • Hi I have. Mine delivered can you ? Most chemists deliver

  • That is so wrong it should be about patient care ,not money . They change the type of shape and colour of tablets it's so confusing and very dangerous . Now they are changing the way they administer your prescription ,( see my post) . What happened to freedom of choice ,and patient care ? Kookie

  • So sorry you have experienced such a problem with your pharmacy. I don't blame you at all for opting out.

    I won't be opting out because my pharmacist (not one of the 'big' ones but who has opened up close to one) is the one medical person I know will not balls things up. He has identified a drug which was interacting with another when none of the medics had a clue. When I asked about probiotics he told me I should get them on prescription because of the amount of abs I have to take. My surgery cocked up a prescription and swore they had sent it to pharmacy. His wife, who is also a pharmacist sorted that out. I now just 'phone my pharmacist with repeats and they deliver them. So I am in favour of electronic prescriptions if they are dealt with by the pharmacy of my choice. Had they arranged it with the large pharmacy I would have opted out.

    I guess it depends how competent you pharmacist is.

    I'm glad for you you now have a system you are used to and prefer.

    love cx

  • Hi

    I had similar problems even being told that items where not on repeat.

    In the end I decided to post my request to the surgery with a prepaid stamped addressed envelope, Apart from my repeat I can order any medication I have had before, uptodate no problems.

  • I find it so easy, I email my prescription to the doctors surgery, as some moth's are diffrent to others, they electronic it to the chemist, and the chemist deliver to my door, what could be more simple.

  • You don't have to opt out of electronic prescriptions, you can just choose a different chemist. I used to have mine sent to the one on the health centre site and had the same problems as you have had. I changed to a little pharmacy actually closer to home and it is always ready on time. Just advise the surgery and the chemist you chose and that's it done!!!! Hope this helps.

    GJ x

  • You do have a choice to which pharmacy your prescription is sent to or you can remain having paper ones.

  • Sorry you have problems. My pharmacist (small village) is absolutely fantastic. He knows me, exactly what I need and prompts the doctor when the prescription is late. I love the new electronic system!

  • I have mine delivered. Makes my life so much easier.

  • when I lived in west London I used to have mine delivered, I'd phone the chemist a few days b4 and they would deliver and ring me to let me know when they where coming, where I live now the chemist is in the doctors surgery and has the same opening ours as the surgery and if there are any problems they can speak to the doctors straight away

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