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All Change

Hello to everyone, canalchris here with the latest instalment of my weird and wacky life.

While me and Lilian were in Portugal over last winter we were offered a 7metre caravan with full length ,2.5 metre wide awning for a VERY good price. We bought it, had it sited on the campsite ,with the awning erected a workman from the campsite levelled the floor put down a damproof membrane , insulation and a very good quality wooden floor. This has now been kitted out with kitchen units. And when we return in Sept ,some really nice leather sofa and reclining chairs.

We had decided to sell our narrowboat Faulknor, and after putting an Ad online a gent was shown round by a friend, he was impressed enough to agree the asking price. While this was happening our eldest son viewed a static caravan on a site in Abergele, North Wales. So having purchased that unseen we still have a home whilst in UK for the summer.

The motorhome is also now for sale, and while we were down in the Algarve we bought a nice Volvo estate on Portuguese plates to give us transport in UK and also get us back down there in Sept. There didn't seem much point in buying a Brit car, paying the Gov lots of dosh for only three months use on British roads.

So big changes all round. Health wise things are still on a steady decline, I had just the one visit to A+E over the winter in Faro, they were very good and the bill was about € 60, this was for treatment ,prescriptions and a €20 ambulance ride. So no need for the £600 health insurance that I naively bought for 5 months cover the first visit in 2013-2014.

I hope all is well with you lot.

Take care , have a good summer. Chris.

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It's great to get about like you,how lovely I love watching the canal boats on TV.i love that kinda life but on my own ,wouldn't have the nerve now. That health ins. Really ripped you off, typicality!,!!! That's better go straight to the hospital and pay outright. Hope u have a lot more fun on the water.x


It was only in the last week or so I wondered how you were doing! Good to hear life is treating you well. Very good idea to keep a base back in the UK. Wishing you the very best of luck in all your travels. Lots of love TAD xx


Wow, chris, your really living life to the full, dispite your health problems. Good on ya. Long may you continue. xx


Sorry to hear about your decline in health Chris but you are certainly keeping busy and enjoying life. Good to hear and hope you and Lilian have an amazing summer and stay as well as you possibly can. Lovely to see your name on here again. Take care and thinking of you. xxxxx


Lovely of you to pop in again and give us all your news - mostly good - all sounds so exciting - all very best of luck for the future. xx


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