Hepa filters in vacuum cleaners

Hello everyone,

We have a dyson stick cleaner and also a dyson compact. These do not have Hepa filters but still profess to be clean. I think the boast is that the air that comes our of a dyson cleaner is the cleanest from any cleaner. However we are given to understand that HEPA filters are the best for use by people with lung and allergy problems. Any thoughts?

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Life does get complicated, doesn't it?

I hate hepa filters,I have dyson cordless a new one,I hate getting the dirt out of hepa filters ,that s where you could breath it in,yuck . Dyson easy empty,no contact with dirt.


I have a dyson hand held with wand, it comes with a hepa filter of sorts, ie it has a filter behind the motor.

It is easily removed for cleaning.

Many claim to have a hepa filter, but all they have is a piece of foam sponge on the outlet.

There is no domestic vacuum cleaner with a true hepa filter.

I worked in asbestos removal the vacuums used had a true hepa filter which have a disposable pre filter then the hepa filter which is not serviceable.

My miela has one,and it's a lot more then a piece of sponge


The high end miela is a which best buy with good allergen results.

I have a cheap miela which as a piece of foam sponge on the outlet, although still available no longer claims to have a hepa filter.

Hi ,I have a Miele Medicaire with HEPA filter which I bought in the sale before the EU ban on powerful vacuum cleaner motors was introduced.

It is very good except I can't use it at the moment because of my poorly ribs....just look at the dust and wonder if I can pay a cleaner.

I find emptying a bag less vacuum a nuisance as well as cleaning the filter...the Miele has a disposable bag , but these are an extra expense of course.

Yes. All have their problems. We seem to be being blinded by science. Personally, though my other half loves them, I have never liked dyson cleaners. We have a cylinder type dyson but I hate pulling the darn thing round and because I am short - but long waisted - born in West Wales in Pembrokeshire so we have to have short legs to enable us to stand up in the westerly winds - lol. I find the hose too long and I just cannot control the thing. The stick thing is good but I am very aware that the "exhaust" is blowing out quite close to my face when I use it - have a good floor sweeper but "he" doesn't like that! Actually I think we have quite a collection in our garage. Ones that he likes and ones that I like so when either one of us go to get the vaccuum cleaner the neighbours must have quite a laugh with both of us going for different ones. A vaccuum cleaner specialist has told us that the upright Sebo professional is the best - and I have noticed that a lot of care homes use this but it is large and heavy. There just isn't a happy medium is there? Ah well if only I could afford to have someone come and do the cleaning for me and go out to lunch with the ladies while the house is being cleaned!



Can you send your friend over to me then. Free food and a trip to the beach afterwards ha ha.

Hello Sian, a fellow Welsh Person who hails from further up the coast in Dyfed....People say we Welsh are short so we can dodge in and around the raindrops...he he. i have a Dyson 04, the HEPA filter on that is a good one, it a replaceable disposable cartridge in the exhaust path, separate from the motor filter. And true, it is a beast to lug around, but apart from the pain of changing belts every so often, it has done me in good stead, even though it is heavy. i do live in a flat so no stair carpets...Bonus.

Thanks toe rag. We are in Cornwall at the moment and being short is helping me dodge a lot of big raindrops here too! Ha ha. Got lots of work to do but sat with a cuppa in a nice garden centre availing myself of free wifi. You see my grandfather came from Verwig, Cardiganshire and I am native to North Pembrokeshire so as good at being "careful" as my Yorkshire, born and bred partner here. Ha ha.

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