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Inhalers 😊

Good day everyone

wanted to ask you about inhalers. All of you seem to be using them. I am moderate copd. I don't used inhalers. My Dr. says if I don't have trouble breathing, why would I use one. That always made sense to me. I do have the qvar inhaler. I use that for a couple days, if I get wheezy .

Seeing how as soon as you get diagnosed,

They give you 3 inhalers, I wondering if I should be using them. Or leave well enough alone? I am thinking about using the qvar everyday so I don't get wheezy. .

what inhalers do you use? Did you have trouble breathing before you started using them?

Thanks Rubyxx 😊

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im new here ruby.im asthmatic ive always used the blue inhaler.still do.i also use the spiriva for my copd breathing. i never got chest infections with asthma as i do with copd.but its been 10 months now with no chest infections.....ive kept to the same pumps stopped using the other 2.im on oxygen 24/7 with half of the right lung missing.for some reason my sats went down to the 70s.for a year i was on 2 last month it went up to 3.;) :)


hi ruby a few years ago I was given 2 inhalers one took every morning and in evening the other I used when needed. then when my gp suspected I had copd she put me on Spiriva aswell. since being diagnosed with very severe copd I now take Spiriva in the morning, seretide 500 in morning and at night and ventolin as required.



Hi Ruby hope your coping ok. Had the results from my 24 hr heart monitor got to go for a echocardiogram on July 30 found something with missing beats or summit like that :( always something eh Rose x


Hi Victoria

Like you said... Its always something. You use 3 inhalers and your moderate? It always amazes me how many inhalers you guys use. It just seems moderate breathing isn't that bad. Do they help you alot? Good luck with your other test. We're you having pains in you chest?



Hi Ruby I use Tiotropium Ventolin & Seritide you must use them as you think is best for you glad to hear you are feeling ok at the

Moment hope it keeps up :) Rose x


Hi Rose

Are you moderate copd? Do you know your fev 1? So how are you doing? Do you feel they help you?

😊 xx


Hi Ruby was out yesterday sorry took so long to reply.

I am moderate going into servere now but I find they help a lot. The Tiatropium I use in a morning but it helps get me going :).

Just had a 24 hr heart monitor on get the results Tuesday hoping it's all ok as the blood tests were fine :)

Fingers crossed you carry on at moderate as long as possible take care. Rose x

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hi ruby itake the same as aberdeenman and i have moderate copd since november. i dont use my salamol (reliever) as yet. i have a full time job and only thing i find different is that every so often i get more tired than usual. i went to the dr about getting out of breath walking up stairs the inhalers work but its like everything else you always wounder if they are actualy working or not but i think they do. x


Hi Ruby. I was only given the blue inhaler until I had an infection that didn't shift with first lot of antibiotics.

Then, I was given seratide 250 twice daily to stop me getting infections.

I haven't had one since but, must admit to frequent forgetting to take it.

I only take it once a day anyway. I didn't" like the bruising I was getting and I didn't feel it made much difference anyway. The nurse said it was fine once a day.

I can't see the point in taking it properly until I feel bad enough. But, then I think, if it doesn't help when I'm not too bad, what use will it be when I get more breathless.

The Dr did say I may not feel it's doing anything but it's to stop infections. X


You seem like your In the same place as me. Moderate copd with fev 1 of 60. You ? I don't get out of breath. I'm cleaning offices with lifting and stairs. Thinking of using the qvar as I'm wheezing more. Pollen is very bad here.

😊 xxx


Yes, we're pretty close ruby, my Fev is 65. I do get breathless but only on exhurtion, hills ect... It's great that you don't get out of breath. Your job is definately keeping you fit.

I had to give up my cleaning job due to an RA diagnosis. It's changed over the last 10 years to undifferentiated tissue disease and I also have fibro. I find cleaning exhausting and it does make me out of breath. I just don't know which disease causes it. xx


My husband has severe COPD but when he was diagnosed about 12 years ago he was given two inhalers - the blue ventolin and the brown becotide. He was fine for years just using those. My sister who is a nurse and asthmatic explained to him that the preventor would help him About six years ago (it might have 7,8 or 5 - my memory is not great!) he had a very bad winter and we had a lot of work done in the house literally re-flooring one room. Nightmare and it definitely affected him quite badly. A locom doctor prescribed a drug that he had a violent reaction to and as a result he was then prescribe - Spiriva in the morning plus symbicort (a combined inhaler) and the ventolin. He has always said he is not sure why he uses spiriva - never really felt that it was of use.

Gosh I have really rambled - my point was I would agree with the doctor. If you are not breathless and wheezy dont take the inhalers, they all have side effects to varying degrees. Thats my thought anyway - perhaps the BLF helpline could give you a more definite, educated answer - You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Lots of love TAD xxx


I have seretide which I take 2 puffs every morning and evening. I do have salbutamol but with RLD it is of no use some times. when I had my first spiro. I was given 6 puffs of salbutamol and it did not affect the second tests at all.


Everyone seems to use seretide. Is that a steroid ? Its probably similar to qvar. Its for inflamation. Right?

Rubyxx 😊



Info above. They are classed as preventives over relievers which are the blue ones usually.

Be Well


I too use the Seretide (2x), Tiotropium (1x) and Ventolin on an 'as and when req'd' basis. I have noticed that even though I always have Ventolin in one of my pockets, my usage has gone right down since I started walking again. It's an easier decision to make in this wonderful weather. I was down to about 10-15m and gasping during the winter, but managed 700m last Sunday. It took 38 minutes with lots of stops, but none critical in a "gotta go" sense. Even when I was in sight of the cricket club loo !



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I have mild COPD. I have an inhaler - Salamol.On nothing else. I use it as and when I need it. Usually after shopping, I get a bit wheezy, but it soon goes away. I still work 2 days a week and have an inhaler at work. Never used it yet.


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