Another letter today

In the post today was a very large print of my address on the envelope from my local hospital. Must be my age? ;) Inside was another large print information stating my consultant has asked for a 24 hour blood pressure holter. Please call this number before the 24th June 2015. Also inside was a smaller pamphlet explaining everything about the 24 hour holter Heart monitor.

Only needed a couple of tries and I was though to a very pleasant lady that found I could be processed on Friday at 11:00. she also confirmed it is the heart holter, but would have to take it back to another department on Saturday as they are closed.

All I need now is for my ticker to behave on that day and mess it all up again? My last one showed a low of 32 BPM and a high of 168 bpm with the occasional jazz band playing in between. But at least they are not the old Tape recorders I first had to lug around and try and sleep though the wiring motors as the tapes went around to the next reel.

I am spending more time with nurse than my wife at the moment ;)

Be Well

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Spending more time with the there something we should know offcut !

Keep well

Velvet xx

Wishful thinking, I do not have the energy to do anything untoward ;)

ah well it is the thought that counts I guess? My elderly Aunt thought my uncle looked too well to be in hospital last week and was only there to get off with the nurses! They have both had advanced dementia for years, he was nearly 93, had a broken hip and had a hip replacement. Unfortunately, he died yesterday. think this was all too much for him. Dare say my Aunt thinks he only died to get off with the angels? sorry if this offends any one but you have to make light of these situations a lot of the time they have both driven me to distraction over the last 5 years we have been looking after them.

Life is a funny thing that sometimes hurts but still makes us laugh

Got to keep a sense of humour.

Well Offcut you are certainly keeping them nurses busy and loving every minute from the sounds of it :) :) Joking apart hope things will all calm down after all the tests you have had and your wife will get to see you more. Maybe one of those trips you were considering

It goes to show one visit to A&E and they are trying to sort my heart and lung problems and confirmed that I have got other problems that could be the reason to all my bone and joint pain. But my GP practice out right refused to test for?

The Coast is calling to me. I can hear the gulls and chip papers right now in my head ;) I hope for real soon.

Be Well

Yes it is amazing what a visit to A&E can do.

Hi Offcut this is good news it shows they are doing something lets hope you have a good reading and the hart and lung consultant get together and get you sorted.

Get together! I am not holding my breath. Pun intended ;)

Any news yet?

I am not having a Pace and Ablate now and they feel that the AF is manageable now with the new tablets. still fluttering but not so fast HR now.

I am now on Vit D3 as I am deficient. The bad news is my lungs and PH are not going to improve.

Be well

So sorry to hear that Offcut. That really is bad news. How are you coping? Hope you are getting along OK. Thing your sense of humour will help you get through. We just have to get on and make the most of what we have. We can't change it just do our best to get through one day at a time.

Take care of yourself,




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