If it is not one problem?

Dealt with my vit D problem but need to wait until Monday to see how that goes. Yesterday I also had my Warfarin Blood test which has been low for my range of 2.5 to 3.5 . My last was 2.4 the one before was 2.2 so they put me up 1 extra mg which seemed about right. Just got a phone call from the path lab and asked me all sorts of question about bleeding feeling unwell etc. To be told I am now 5.6! So I have to not take any warfarin tonight and call them at 13:30 to see what they want me on and when to come back for another test?

It never just rains does it!

Be Well

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  • Oh gosh! You are right it never rains ... chin up xxx

  • it is up ;)

  • Hi Offcut, sorry you are having problems with your warfarin INR readings. I know it is a pain but they will sort you out very quickly. I too have had problems with my readings but my nurse soon has me back on track. Good luck and take care. Maximonkey

  • Been on it since 1992 so have had a few up's and downs but with all the tablet changes etc. it does not help. My highest is 7.6 some years ago.

  • Hi Offcut you seem to be going through the mill what did they say about you vit D will you be taking tablets or injections

  • Cannot get to see my usual doctor or my second choice so I am seeing one of the partners on Monday as that is the earliest! Got my holter fitting on Friday, return holter Saturday, GP Monday, hospital Blood test Monday another blood test Tuesday and then Ambulatory Care on Thursday. It is times like this I wish I as fit ;)

  • Well I hope the people who are ordering the blood tests read the results good luck

  • My doctors do not that is now proven that. With the letter from one of the consultants that did read the results. But if I had not been cc'd in would they have acted on that letter? Or would I have been non the wiser AGAIN?

  • This happened to me the pain specialist sent a letter to my GP with a list of medication and to increase another, the sectary did not put it on the computer and my GP would not give me the prescription.

    The same specialist sent a letter saying I had high blood pressure again they did nothing I now have a new GP and all is well.

  • I know they are under pressure to make sure all the boxes are ticked. But when they miss the box and shrug their shoulders as if it is not a problem. It annoys me.

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