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Energy to the centre of the body

Energy to the centre of the body

I have learnt quite a number of movements for health .This one can gives a good boost of energy and lightness to the body and energy to the mid section. Do it at any pace you like. Let the breath flow and allow it to calibrate your speed. Sitting down on a stool is okay. Go for as long as is comfortable. Feel yourself as energy that extends out to arms length from your physical body. Those are Kookaburras laughing at me at the end - this is evening in Australia.

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Hi, I have done this exercise at my yoga you say you can take it as slowly and carefully as you need .

No good for me at the moment as my chest muscles are damaged though...all twisting is painful.

Just take care if you decide to try, remember the limits of your body and breath...and your muscles need to be warm, but it can be fun and energising.

I guess I am more aware of pulled muscles at the moment!


Yes. A good warmup is to simply do a small shake in the hands or feet and let the shake go further up the limbs until the whole body is gently shaking.


I have been put on Pilates for my fybromyalgia. I've only had 2 lesson's so far but, yesterday, we did a lot more and today, my chest bone is killing me.

I suppose it's no pain - no gain. x


Its mostly when we exert it that we hurt it.


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