I have been having frequent nose bleeds lately. I have severe COPD and am on oxygen 1/2 litre min 15 hours daily. Recently I have been using bi-bap machine and after going on it for 2 hours today, I had a violent nosebleed where I had to hold my head over the washbasin and there were even clots. I was terrified. Wondered if anyone else had experienced this?


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  • Hi 2malinka,, the link i found as im not an oxygen user i would suggest you ring the hospital and ask there advice or your rep team,, ,, the link says it might be your nose drying out and says use a balm,,

  • I agree

  • I have the same problem and am on a blood thinner also.My nose bleeds have been violent over a two hour period. In combating nose bleed I put vaseline in each nostril for moistener. That helps.

    Also I have found that bleeding is sometimes caused by spikes in blood pressure up to 160. I keep a pressure monitor close by.


  • Thank you all so much for your comments and advice re nosebleeds. I can't use Vaseline because I am on oxygen. So far no nose bleed today. Will mention it to COPD Nurse when she calls.

    All the best


  • Im also on 1/2 litre. I used to get very bad nosebleeds after coughing or sneezing. In the last couple of years it has eased off and I probably have one maybe 2 or 3 times a year and not a lot of bleeding. I am on aspirin daily to thin my blood but my blood seems to clot the same as a " normal " person.

    They do say the skin is very thin in the nostril and the blood vessels close to the skin.

  • I had heavy nose bleeds with clotting when I was diagnosed and treated for polycethemia vera my nose bleeds stopped. I have pulmonary hypertension also.

  • Hi

    Thanks for your response. No more nosebleeds so far today. I don't know what polycethemia is but I will look it up. I am going to Harefield Hospital for a lung function test later this month so I may ask the about nosebleeds re severe PH

    Keep Well


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