Re: Ambulatory Care Part 3 received a letter today!

I got a Letter today from my 3rd Ambulatory Care visit to my GP's which I have been cc'd into. It was all of what I expected until I got to the second page. I have been diagnosed as having Vitamin D Deficiency on top of those already confirmed. This goes a long way to explain why the RA test was OK but I was still suffering pain in my joints and bones. So when the GP practice called me in to discuss all the blood tests I have had, which turned out they were more interested on why I had so many. They seem to have a no test policy if they can get away with it. They mentioned the liver and kidneys but nothing about the VIT D Deficiency ? Which it seems can affect the kidneys?

I am now in a position do I wait and see if they read the letter and act on it. It can take anything up to a week for them to scan it into their system. Call them and ask to speak to someone with regards to the letter I have in front of me. Or just get myself some Vit D and also Vit K2 as they seem to be needed hand in hand.

As some of you know I have a few heart problems as well and I happened to find this snippet that filled me with Joy...Not! "One study showed that vitamin D deficiency increased the risk of heart attack by 50 percent. What’s worse, if you have a heart attack and you’re vitamin D deficient, your risk of dying from that heart attack creeps up to nearly 100 percent!"

Be well

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  • I'd phone the docter's and ask for an appointment. If they haven't got the letter yet - you have yours. Saves you paying for them yourself. They won't give you the Vit k with it, I've been on them for a couple of years now, since my Osteoporosis diagnosis. (They've had 10 years to have diagnosed that.) wide range of problems and I know I've been a lot better since taking them properly. I was in bed, in agony, frequently, before starting them. xx

  • Thanks for the info. I do not understand how they missed it from the blood test results that I thought went to GP as well?

  • Exactly what I meant with my Osteoporosis offcut. I've been having twice yearly blood tests to do with my autoimmune disease, for 10 years. Yet, they didn't spot my Vit D shortage until 3 years ago. If they had, I might not have got to full blown Osteoporosis.

    Finally, a Dexa scan found it last year. It's mainly in my neck and thigh and I've been complaining from day one about the terrible pain and weakness in my neck. One consultant actually picked me up out of the chair by my head!!! Claiming it would help it. Now I know the pain was through the Osteo, I realise I was lucky he didn't flaming break my neck.

    They only check your blood for exactly what they want to test it for. No extra's to be on the safe side, Oh no, that would be too much trouble or extra money. It gets my goat up. xx

  • Hi off cut, Why did they miss telling you were short of vit.D ,I remember you saying before about abit worried about taking vit D as u explained again ,did u think that's why they didn't tell you, they might not have an answer? At least you will get help,.i think I would get it in the system or you'll be wAiting a years. It would be good if a pulmonary nurse could see you for a few visits to sort all your meds out ,also the vit D problem ,you want them to know how up on all medical things too.

  • I think a new doctors practice is my next move? At least the hospital are looking into my problems?

  • I have the argument about vitamin d tomorrow - the nurse did my husbands blood test. I simply asked if she was checking for vit d levels and was told no that had to specially requested. It will be specially requested tomorrow!

    I would probably go out and buy the but that's me - it might be more sensible to wait and then have correct dose prescribed etc. lots of luck and love TAD xxx

  • That is my only worry as it can be seasonal in the level you are but it should be my good level time now?

  • Hi Tadaw. I didn't realise you could be tested for your levels of vitamin D - I have started to take it anyway. 5,000 IU tablets - one a day. I bought a years supply - 360 soft gel tablets from Naturewise - on the internet - inexpensive. About 6 pounds I think - and it was delivered super quickly - 36 hours later. I was impressed. The sunshine vitamin - it's quite difficult for people in the UK to get enough of it because we don't have the sunshine - ha ha! It's also common for people with COPD to be short of it. I know it's not a 'magic pill' but people with COPD, who take it, swear by it and I think I might as well. I'm hoping it will help with my tendency towards SAD syndrome in the winter. I believe it takes about 3 months to build up to any affect in your system. I would be interested to hear how you get on. Also if anyone else hear takes it?

    All the best - Piggi

  • My wife uses a lamp and it does help her in the winter as she does get quite down in the winter months. But since the lamp it has helped her no end. i have a positive attitude but the joint pains is my biggest problem that could be linked to the lack of D

  • Sorry to hear about your ongoing 'trials' Offcut - I have just been told by my GP surgery that I have to buy my own Vitamin D from Holland and Barrett (new policy of the local CCG!!) - I had put in my repeat prescription for my Vitamin D and the receptionist called to say the Dr was no longer prescribing it, but couldn't tell my why - I had to make a telephone appointment to ask why - locum called me back and gave me above news - but couldn't tell me whether it was Vitamin D or D3 I need!! Gobsmacked (it only costs approx £2 per month)..................I am now changing my GP as this is the last of a long line of them not being bothered to tell me in advance of things happening, or even giving me a reason why. Sorry to bang on Offcut but just wonder if anyone else has been asked to pay for their own meds.

    Also, why should K2 be taken in conjunction with D3 please Offcut?

    Hope you get somewhere soon and have some problems ironed out so that you can feel better in general. x

  • Found info re: K2 here near bottom.

    My concerns are that if I take to little it will be a waste and there are seasonal differences that the body will be higher or lower. I also take Warfarin and they are funny about taking any extra vitamins but Vit K should not be taken with Warfarin as it acts as an antidote. Nothing ever seems to be simple for me ;)

  • Hi Offcut make an appointment with the GP take a photo copy and highlight the parts you want to talk about. Vitamin D can also be injected every 3 months you GP can advise you often you need to take one lot of medication which causes another medical condition

  • I seem to have a problem that my Surgery does not have the capability of dealing with more than one condition at a time!

  • That must be a male GP then we all know women can multitask lol

  • You may well be right. ;)

  • Jokes aside I do hope you get it sorted soon

  • Me too!

  • I saw my specialist on Monday and was told my vitamin D was low. This apparently is due to having to take steroid medications. I am now taking vitamin D to correct deficiency.

    I hope this gets sorted for you quickly.

  • Me Too. I am just so annoyed that the GP surgery missed it.

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