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Portable Oxygen and Back Up Question?

I have done lots of research and talked with my ox therapist regarding a portable concentrator. I have pretty much decided on a Inogen One G3. My question to anyone who uses a portable, do you have a back up canister? What would happen if your machine broke or something? The salesperson said, they will give a home concentrator but doesn't sound like something you would take out. He said, they have 24/7 service and would replace any malfunction machine. Just curious if we went on vacation for week, would portable be enough? Would your insurance pay if you have portable and canister? Thanks for any help or suggestions )

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I presume you are to not UK based. I use a Imogen G3 fantastic machine, which I purchased my self. I also have cylinders supplied by the NHS, National Health Service for which there is no charge,

POC are very reliable providing you keep up the service record, every 12 months on the G3' they also have have warning lights to indicate a problem.

In the UK if you are 24/7 oxygen with a static concentrater you would have a back up cylinder.


I have an oxygen concentrator which is def. not mobile. They also provide 'portable' canisters (one tank lasts about 3 and a half hours) for going out (i'm housebound now) but they are still too heavy but I used to put one on the back of my scooter), and I have a large tank in the event of a power cut. If you were going on holiday in this country they will make arrangements with you. If you were going abroad, I dont know your circumstances but I doubt you could get insurance or how to make arrangements for travelling with oxygen supplies.

I hope you can work something out and enjoy a break. :) Tulip


Have you been prescribed oxygen,if so your provider should supply POC,I have an Inogen one G2 provided by Baywater,they cover the west Midlands,depends what level of oxygen you require,I am on 4 litres when out and about,so my battery last approx 2.5 hours,I have a spare which I always take with me also you can recharge in the car.If your provider doesn't have them be aware that extra batteries cost a small fortune,you need at least 2.tthe larger battery 24 cell is a good option but costs an arm and a leg,chase who ever did your hoof for answers about about a POC. .whole new ball game if you travel outside uk with oxygen,insurance is very expensive,need fit yo fly and consultants letters or forms from airlines.Sooki?

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Thanks for the information. I am not in UK, live in California USA. I am not 24/7 so I think I should be fine. I guess it is just a worry everyone has who depends on oxygen at times to breathe. will make sure I get both 4 & 8 hours batteries so will always have a back up charge. Most of the reviews I read say the company backs their product. I am pretty sure my insurance will pay for the majority of POC because it is prescribed by doctor. Guess if I ever (hope not) need 24/7 and need backup cylinders i will deal with it then. Just don't like carrying all these cylinders around for traveling, they make me nervous. Thanks again for your help, I really like this board.


I changed to an inogen from liquid when I move and use a G3. Wonderful machines. I have had mine now for about four months and find it reliable and great for holidays and anywhere I go. They can be recharged while used in the car or at home too. I too have a spare battery. Essential although have only had to use the spare once.


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