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I am sorry and full of remorse not to have answered your comments. The were all fantastic but please I am not an inspiration that firmly belongs to a certain daredevil on here.

My reason for not answering, I was dashing around finishing off laundry, ironing and packing ready for our weekend at the caravan.

Everything takes longer now and I still get timings wrong. I think I can shower in half an hour and yes I can but that doesn't include the time it takes after the shower.

Today the oxygen lady turned up just as I had soaped up, hauled my dripping self to window, yelled down that door was open and I was going back to shower. Ugh what a sight - Yuck.

Why is it you always need to go to the loo when you are expecting a visitor or parcel. You sit and wait until it becomes urgent and it doesn't matter whether they are early or late, the door bell rings at the most inconvenient moment. Or is it just me?

Well I had better help Mr Dozy with the final chores. Have a good weekend everyone

love Dozy ☺ 🐀 x

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Actually you're wrong you are an inspiration!!!!! Have the best weekend xxxx

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Thank you my sweet. At least I am not an exasperation x 🐀


I know exactly what you mean. Only yesterday I said to my son he knows when I get in the shower or go to the loo. I had just started putting the shampoo on my head yesterday when the phone rang. I thought I'm not getting out now. It stopped then a few seconds later rang again. It stopped then my other phone rang. When I eventually got to the phone it was my Son. " Just checking you haven't fallen down the stairs Nanny! " His little joke for my Granddaughter to say. Mind you I am a bit accident prone lately. Not long ago I fell down and broke my hand. It's ok now but it did shake me up. I went to step up on the kerb but only half stepped up. My foot twisted over and I was gone. I hadn't even had a drink but I was plastered after. Literally. My son now worries about me. Xxx


So he should. Phoning while you are in the shower on purpose. Bet that hand is still strong enough for a quick backhander if he gets too cheeky x 🐀


They're a lot bigger than me now. I got whacked by one today. Not how you think. I went for a walk up a hill with two of my boys as the Grandchildren (three boys ) were riding up the hill on their quad bikes. Well Ian my third oldest picked up a small tree that was blocking a pathway. . He said to make sure I was out of the way. As soon as it was said the tree that was caught flipped back and caught me on my arm taking some skin off. It wasn't too bad and I put a plaster on when we got back. He then informed me that it was a blackthorn tree and it has a reputation of turning things poisonous. I thought Thank you Ian. X


Have fun Dozy! You know everyone loves you 😊 Where are you going?

Someone will always pick the worse time to call or visit. Don't know why, but it happens to everyone.

Have fun

Rubyxx 😊


Back now. Had fun. No messages. Guess we weren't missed x 🐀


I ignore the phone in those situations, then look on caller display, to see who has called. If it is a withheld number, I listen to the answer phone. When an important call is from the doctor or hospital, they leave a message.

Any others will call back, unless they are salespeople. TPS isn't much use for stopping sales calls. We have had a couple of calls from people wanting to take over my computer. They claim to be from Microsoft. I send them packing.


Well done you. Struggled to the phone gasping for breath. Person on phone said you were supposed to get heavy breathing calls not ring up for them and put the phone down on me x 🐀


Enjoy yourself Dozy! Wishing you well. xxxxx


Thankyou. Had a lovely time. Even got a little sun tan x 🐀


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