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Tablet change to Ambulatory Care Part 4

What a day we had 14:00 appointment and we leave at 17:50. I am now in permanent AF and they have changed my tablets again to one that may not make me feel as bad as I do at the moment. He started off with my history and treatment. To ask why they did not do the Pace and Ablate I went though what they had done and then cancelled it. For him to say that he will have to ask why the did not do it and if there is no good reason have me have it. He is not happy with the way it is affecting my breathing as badly as it is and it seems I will only get my breathing to improve is to have my heart beat electronically as at the moment I am putting to much strain on it. He did say that it does also seem that there is fibrosis in the lungs once more compounding the AF etc.

I am on Bisoprolol 5mg but if my heart rate does not drop to a very close 90 BPM by Monday I have to change to 10MG but keep a check on my heart rate. I am back to 135 bpm at rest I will have to also wear another 24 hour holter monitor and see them again in 2 weeks or A&E earlier if it all goes pear shaped? Which filled me full of confidence.

Be Well

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Hi Offcuts Sorry to read about trouble ya having defo sounds like pain.

B12 + Folate defecancy can cause AF and Breathing problems.

Am seeing my docs about said issues.

Hope the get it sorted for ya fella with out to much pissing about


But it does seem like a plan now?

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Good pills Bisoprolol & ramapril my dads on them now and he sufferd chronic heart failular 4 times befour was on them

and is not had one incadent yet 7 years later.

Got stay positive fella an ask about ya B12 & Folate


Heart has been playing up since 1992 it seems the lack of action earlier on has made it more of a problem :(


If it's not one it's other comes to mind ... Hope this new approach works for ya fella

Wishing you well


My husband has been going through a similar loop - he has severe COPD and severe heart failure. He coped quite well for 10 years - with lots of medication - but last year saw a rapid deterioration. Like you, his heart rate became dangerously high so it was decided to fit an ICD to help control the heart rate and also to shock the heart if it became so fast that it stopped. He can't tolerate beta blockers - he had horrendous night terrors which were so frightening for ME!! - but is now on another medication (can't remember the name) and, fingers crossed, is doing ok. Still has a rate of about 95bpm but that's better than it was!! I'm just wondering whether your cardiologist has suggested something similar to you? Of course, I appreciate your problems may be different but I just thought it was worth mentioning.


I also take Digoxin with the Bisoprolol now. I have taken Bisoprolol before but I was not on it for long and I cannot remember why? I also have RLD and PH which are my breathing issues. I went up to 175bpm after going up my stairs yesterday.

The Pace and Ablate would mean a pacemaker is fitted and then some weeks later they ablate my sinus node which will make me pacemaker dependent.

I have had AF since 1992 on and off and between procedures. 3 ablations 9 CV

Be Well


Hi Offcut

Sorry to hear about your ongoing saga. You are an incredible man to keep up the fight. But you arr making progress.

Let's hope it gets sorted soon.



I hope soon, I am getting SOB so easy at the moment even when I go into Plod mode.


You've got so much going on Offcut, I don't know how you do it. Things are sounding better though now, it's great when you get a consultant that rolls his sleeves up and gets stuck in. Fingers crossed, you are finally getting somewhere. xx


I only hope I see the same guy. I am so fatigued at the moment.


I'm not surprised your fatigued Offcut, all this chopping and changing meds that are not helping you feel better, is probably just as emotionally tiring as it is physically. It's just too blinking stressful.

I doubt that you would be sent to a different consultant, not when he's told you he is going to question your treatment and ensure you get it.

Just try and keep as stress free as possible until he sorts it.

I really hope this consultant is the one to finally get you on the road to better health. xx


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