Not drunk I promise

Hi, yesterday I went to see a Dermatologist about a mole on my back which had changed colour. Great news it is not a mole but a scar from (his idea, an insect bite) which probably happened when I was young. I arrived home in great form. Put down my handbag and promptly fell over, flat on my knees elbows and face. Being a large lady and suffering badly from arthritis, I can only get up off the floor using my knees and and chair but because my knees by now had blown up and were bruising fast my hubby could not help me get up. So he rang the Fire Service who said they would attend when they could and would notify the paramedics who would also have to attend. About 15 minutes later (I am now sweating profusely with the heat and shock and feeling really foolish) when in walk 6 hunky Firemen. They were lovely. Turned out one of them knew our daughters and so whilst we waited for the ambulance we all had a good chat. Unfortunately, they could not help me up until the paramedics arrived and declared me safe to move. So there I am sitting on a cushion on the floor full of pain but laughing with these lovely men. They phoned into their depot to make sure the paramedics were coming and could I have some pain relief. Within 10 mins the phone rang and it was the hospital to say I could take 2 of my strongest pain killers, which I did. 2 hours later the paramedics arrived to find me laughing with all these very attractive men. By this time we all knew everyone's life stories and were feeling quite bonded. The paramedics thankfully checked me over quickly and said I could be moved. With the help of Gas and Air, one blanket around me and six men holding the blanket and supporting my legs and I was standing then helped onto my chair. They all said their goodbyes, shook our hands telling me to take care and they left. The paramedics were great too, they took all my vitals and notes about the accident and offered me a ride to hospital or if I wanted too I could stay at home and a doctor would check on me later. I declined the doctor as I felt able to medicate myself having fallen before. They too shook our hands and told me to take care on leaving. We really are very lucky folks to have such great people looking out for us. I felt terrible to have used up so much of their time. They would have none of it and said never to hesitate to call if I was unlucky enough to fall again. This morning as the paramedic had told me to I called my doctor to check about the pain relief, I phoned Triage and couldn't believe when 5 minutes later my doctor called me back to ask what had happened and to tell me how to manage the pain. She laughed very loudly when I told her about the Firemen and said wasn't I lucky. Yes I feel lucky. Lucky to have our wonderful NHS and Fire Service. Take care everyone. Bye for now Maximonkey.

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  • I am very sorry that you fell, but I loved your story....hope you are OK now

  • Hi Knitter, thanks I am feeling much better thank you, just badly bruised. I was very lucky. Keep smiling and take care. Maximonkey

  • my goodness some ordeal maximonkey but glad you are ok.

    i fell myself today [stupidly, using a watering can as a walking stick :D ] i was helped up [embarrassed :D ] by a neighbour, who passed me my walking stick, i then hid in the house for a while embarrassed , but not hurt in the least.

    but so glad you are ok, your right though, we should be grateful for these services that we have,, kindest regards jimmy :)

  • Hi Jimmy, sorry to hear you fell too. Don't be embarrassed it can happen to everyone. Thank goodness for good neighbours. Take care and I hope you are feeling better as I am. Maximonkey

  • Oh poor you to have a fall.

    But to have 6 hunky guys to help out must have been a bonus!

    It's good that it all turned out well and your story shows the good service we can have available to us.

    Hope you arr taking it easy and are recovering well.


  • Hi Sokrackers, Glad I gave you a good laugh. I am doing fine now, just bruising everywhere. Take care Maximonkey

  • We hear so much about the nasty people that plague our society,it,s good to hear that there are still some wonderful caring folk still around.I live in London and contrary to general belief I often get asked if I,m ok by complete strangers.The good SHALL inherit the earth!👍 D.

  • Hi FarmerD, thanks so much for your reply. I agree with you. People do care. Maximonkey

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