I Haven't Run Away...! And A Photo Of The Wagtail

I Haven't Run Away...! And A Photo Of The Wagtail

Been a bit busy actually...the weather has been totally gorgeous for two whole days. Not too hot, just pleasantly warm with cloudless skies and endless sunshine.

So...after being cooped up indoors for what has felt like an interminable amount of time, I went out into the garden and began painting my shed...it looks really good even though I say so myself. I'm using one of those paints intended for sheds and garden furniture...can't spell it without going back outside to the tin...they come in seriously pretty colours. The one I chose is called Wild Thyme.

There's hardly any paint odour... unless I simply can't smell it with nodules stuck in my nostrils but climbing up and down the stepladder is decidedly hazardous when trailing lengths of plastic tubing behind me...

I found another Blackbirds nest in the ivy on the old chicken shed wall...chicken shed isn't the right description because it's part of the pig sty which we suspect may have been another cottage at some point in the past...someone made proper niches in the inside wall for the chickens to nest in...one still had a couple of pot eggs in it when we came to live here.

Blue-Tits nest in the gaps in the wall right beside the door and this year there was a pair of Wag-Tails who came to join them...the Wag-Tails come into the back lobby to eat bits of the dog food out of their bowls...Bobby lies on the doorstep watching them... with one eye open. He makes no attempt to chase or catch them.

And I've started the kitchen cupboards...now that paint stinks to high heaven so I did one cupboard door and then beat a hasty retreat while it dried...even with the doors and windows wide open the smell is appalling...it looks good though.

It's a creamy colour rather than the mock wood effect and I'm hoping it'll make the kitchen seem lighter...it's a bit of a dark space at present. And I'd quite forgotten how difficult it is to kneel down for any length of time...well...it used not to be difficult but it is now...

According to Michael, who owns the towns ironmongers, the weather is supposed to last until after the weekend...he ought to know, what with him being a local Councillor.

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  • Hi Vashti, how lovely for you to be outside enjoying the sunshine even if you have been working hard. Keep out of that kitchen for now especially as the weather is meant to last for a little while. Michael is bound to be right, it goes with the name (our eldest is called Michael and he thinks he is always right!)

    Take care on that ladder and send us a picture of the shed when it is finished if you want to of course. Liking the wag tail too.


  • Sassy has just about said it all. I am very impressed with your diligence. Do not overdo things though. Sometimes it is enough to sit and smell the roses.

    Love Dozy ☺ 🐀 x

  • As you hadn't been around I wondered if you were testing the paint you hid from himself,Lol can we have a photo when you have finished the doors and the shed.

    The wagtail looks as though it has been busy gathering, I have some painting to do,but dread the smell😱.

  • Amazing Vashti - I remember when you were tethered just 6 feet from your oxygen source. Just shows, give a woman proper tubing and you can't hold her down :D

  • hi vashti, glad to hear you've enjoyed the last few beautiful days, it sounds great where you stay :) and a lovely photo of the pied wagtail, by the looks of him //,her , its feeding a nest of youngsters nearby,

    take care jimmy xx :)

  • Ah I have missed your lovely stories vashti. I must be addicted to them so please never stop. xx

  • Lovely to hear from you Vashti. We worry when you disappear. Have you considered wearing a surgeon's mask when painting your kitchen. They don't cost much and would really help. I got a pack online.

  • Great to see you around again - I really missed your stories! Jan xx

  • Be careful of not getting illegally high on the kitchen paint, Vashti. It's no fun if you can't share it !


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