Nuisance phone calls

Hi folks, Are you getting unwanted marketing phone calls?

People who get fed up by cold callers and nuisance text messages are being urged to register their complaints officially. Links below to register with the telephone preference service and a BBC news item


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Also register with Silent Call Gard if you are receiving silent calls from companies using auto diallers.

Regards Andy

Thanks Andy - I have done so :)

I've been registered with TPS for years, made no difference!

Companies make calls from outside the UK and can still get through.

I know what you mean but since registering with TPS today I haven't received a call. Might be just coincidence. I understand many of the calls come from abroad and it's not possible to stop them.

See Voodchile's post above about another free service - Silent Gard


Being registered does little or no good whatsoever. I've been registered with three different ones for years, but the calls still kept coming- up to 20 times a day!

I have however found a solution (it works for me anyway.) I bought a cheap 'phone that displays the number that's calling. So if I don't recognise the number, or I'm not expecting a call from my normal circle of people .... I just don't answer it! My opinion is, that if it's someone genuine who wants to speak to me, they'll leave a message on the answer phone anyway so I can call them back.

This has definitely worked, as I now only get the odd one that I don't recognise - maybe 1 or 2 a week - and it gives me a great sense of "gotcha" when I just let it ring! :Lol :-D

Thanks Nikkers - I like your way round it by buying another phone. I would have thought the technology is available to stop them - even the ones from other countries. Maybe when there are thousands of people creating a fuss about it something will be done? :)

I think there are 'phones that you can buy that you can actually enter instructions as to which calls you accept? But me being a cheapskate, just did it my way. :-D

I do know that if those from abroad keep pestering you now, they can be fined - trouble is, you have to catch them in the first place! lol

Cheap or no cost is best lol! I'd be interested to know how many people get taken in by the calls and respond? :)

I suspect many people do answer the call, but to no avail for the company whose making it, as you can never understand what the person on the other end is talking about anyway! :-D

I think what annoys me most of all is the fact that my number's ex-directory .... so, where do they get it from?

Probably very insensitive but it is my macabre sense of humour.... I just tell callers that I am going to die next week and it works a treat. xx

You and pergola have the same sense of humour lol:)

Lol Pergola - cheaper too when your dead :)

Hmm, one way for sure to get your name removed from most "Commercial call " lists and I did it, and still do if the odd one gets through, is to ask WHO they wish to speak to - usually the " Householder" OR YOU by name , ( - heavens above knows HOW they got your number / name , anyway, as soon as you have established WHO they want to speak to and what is the nature of their call, - just say - " SORRY, HE DIED LAST WEEK AND THE PROPERTY IS UP FOR SALE "

- works a treat folks !!!

Thanks for reply vittorio and that seems a good way of dealing with 'real' people calling. I usually get automated calls and put the phone down. They're a sodding nuisance lol! :)

one of the best things i ever did was buy a BT call guardian phone. it blocks all unknown and foreign numbers and just lets through calls you want to answer

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