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I Need some help & Advice

I need to hear from others out there who have IPF and RA but only if they had the PF first and to let me know what meds they are on & mostly for their RA, I am so fed up with constant pain 24/7 only to be told there is nothing we can do even the strong P/Killers that sometimes help they don't want you having in case you get addicted, Thx Mattcass

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Bless you Matt and I hope that someone will be on here soon who can help. I just wanted to send you my very best wishes. xxxx


Hi Sassy59 Thank You and the same to you. matt


Hi, Mattcass im sorry for all the problems yer having,, i wish i could advise but i cant , but on line i found other people suffering,, im really sorry,,

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itsBAme, Thank You.matt

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hi mat,

Have you tried the biological injections" HUMIRA" its a once a fortnight injection in the stomach,not near as bad as it sounds. :) These can be offered if no other pain meds work, or do not agree with you.

i have ankylosing spondylitis, and since having humira prescribed i have found a great improvement, i have no doubt at all that it helps.

Humira was first used for R,A. then found to be beneficial for ank spond. like all meds it can have its side effects,

i.e lowering the immune system,etc. but this doesn't effect all.

unfortunately there is doubt whether this effects me. in having severe copd.

Although I Use humira now.

.I often find there's a disagreement with the rheumy and

the chest doc.

anyway hope this helps mat, take care jimmy :)

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