Walk right in

Walk right in

Hello all. Thank you for your good wishes and sympathy for my poor hurting back. It is a lot better now with the topical anti inflammatory cream prescribed. It is hard to find pain killers that I can take for one reason or another. It was only muscle strain so I now have an excuse to be lazy. That and there are only two more loads of the washathon left. Hurray just the ironing and I really love ironing. No I really do.

The Mcmillan physio came today and managed to clear some trapped muck but more than that showed me how to do it. She was with me for about an hour and it was good to go over breathing techniques as it has been a while since my rehab sessions.

Tomorrow is an administration day. I do not like paperwork but it has to be done. I find it hard now because I am not bothered about if it's 2 days late etc. The anti anxiety pills are really working. I love them.

Wednesday is my visit to my lung man. Early but then nothing planned so can have an afternoon nap.

Thursday get everything ready for the caravan.

Friday a visit from my Mcmillan nurse and then pack for trip to van in the evening. When did I ever find time to work. Think the mouse has decided to hibernate for the week as this is all too much for her little brain. I do not think much of her abilities with all that is happening either.

So now you are all yawning, may I suggest that you reread in bed and you will be asleep before you know it.

Time to put the kettle the on. No still won't fit but I am gasping for a cuppa. Chat soon Tina ☺⛺

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Hi Tina,

How is your back today? Glad the cream is working. By the way I want some of those anti-anxiety pills you have. I think I could do with them - better still I think my other half should have a 2 week holiday on his own and then I can get things straight and the way I like them! Thing is he will only come back and muck things up again! I love him really - honest - well sometimes - maybe? Sounds like you have got your week sorted out. I know exactly what you mean when you say you wonder how you ever got time to work - I thought that when I went part time and now I am not at work am actually working harder than ever. Still there is a lot to do and it is not easy to do all that when you have someone else in the way all the time or trying to help you when you didn't want that particular thing done - well not done that way anyway ha ha.

Take care of yourself and have a great time.



That about sums it up and because I have to do things slowly the other half always wants to help when I don't need it and is not there when I do. So I learn to do things my way and try not to be wrapped in cotton wool. Thank goodness he works full time. Enjoy your week San love Tina x

OH! Mine is here all the time

Hi Dozy. My what a busy little mouse you are, scurrying round doing all these jobs. Make sure you don't put yourself in the washing machine as well by mistake :d If Mr Mouse gets too annoying just swish your tail at him. :p xx

That is a given. The tail swishing goes with the territory. It's when it gets tangled in the oxy tube you will see a few new moves. How's Breeze?

Love Tina x

Hello Pink loveliness , I'm so glad your back is feeling a little better. It's a nice thought ,you and Mr Dozy going to the caravan so I found a song for you both, have a lovely rest and a wonderful weekend! :D hugs huff xxx

Dear Huff

Loved the song well more the accompanying scenes. Never heard it before. I rather like being called pink loveliness and as I was dancing round the living room to caravan my little pink lady was watching and laughing her head off. You make sure you have a good week now.

Love Tina x

Oh Dozy.! Poor you. I didn't know you had a bad back. I'm glad it's a bit better now. If you need any more ironing just let me know. I'm sure I can find you some somewhere.

Did you have a nice holiday? It's always good to get away for a few days. X

Back much better now. I'll let you know when I have a free slot for ironing. Sometime in 2020 was the earliest I could see at a quick glance. Holiday was great. Hope July will be as good. How's you?

Love Tina x

Hi Tina. I still didn't do my ironing last night. I had good intentions to do it but they went out the window. I haven't got much but I like to keep it up. Otherwise you're stood doing it for hours. I'm glad your backs better. Ive suffered the pain of a bad back so know what it's like. I'm glad you had a good holiday. It does you good to go away. I went to Exmouth with my Son Daughter in law and Granddaughter on Sunday. It was a beautiful day. X

It is lovely to hear that your back is improving and I love that you are so laid back! Have a fab week and a great time in the caravan. with lots of love TAD xx

I am the same I cannot have a multitude of pills and lotions because I am either allergic or it will mess up one of my conditions. I can only take 3 days of my gout tabs as any longer and my lungs get to gooey to breath. They say their is a long term option but they are not happy about me taking them?

Sounds like you have your week organised. My mum loved Ironing but my wife hates it. I have tried but I can put more creases in than take out, so I do not bother and look for anything that is non ironable to wear easy option. :)

Be WEll

Hope things are better for you today Dozy. You certainly are a very busy mouse and lead an interesting and full life. Hope the trip is a good one, and you can relax and have a nice chilled time.

"Dozy put the kettle on, we'll all have tea." :)

Lots of love, Carole xxxx

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