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Inhaler advice please

Hello to all. I am hoping that someone can advise me on my inhalers. I have non-specific respiratory problems that run alongside my Lupus. Despite being a non-smoker, my airways are narrowed and also inflamed. I have been using both Eklira and Flutiform but asked my consultant for a single inhaler that meets all my needs. We are trialling Anoro Ellipta (once daily) and I also have Salbutamol during the changeover but I do cough constantly and this has increased of late. Does the salbutamol suppress inflammation/irritation in the same way as the Flutiform? I don't ever wheeze and have no indications of asthma. I am having frequent bad headaches due to the Lupus at the moment and coughing so much is making these very much more painful.

Hoping that someone can shed some light on the different uses of these inhalers.

Many thanks. Clare 😊

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Flutiform has both a bronchodilator and a corticosteroid component, and the latter is anti-inflammatory. Salbutamol is simply a bronchodilator.

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Thank you Stilltruckin, your explanation fits perfectly with my worsening coughing/irritation. Can my GP jiggle my inhalers? So far it has only been my Consultant who has handled this but not due to see him again until 2016.


It's well within your GP's remit, though I can't say whether he'd feel it necessary to discuss it with your consultant before doing so . . .


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