New Projects!

New Projects!

Why is it that when I read any articles about 'doing something up on a limited budget' they begin to waffle on about paint that costs twice as much as ordinary emulsion and special crackle finishes...then finishing off by rubbing with a soft cloth and beeswax.

These are kitchen cupboards from Argos matey...we're not talking top of the range here you know.

There was a sale on today at Homebase so we went into Sligo for a new lawn-mower...the last one having given up the ghost...bits began to drop off it and it was giving off a decidedly peculiar smell...

While Himself went to look at the selection I looked at paint...and found a tin of 'Cupboard Paint'...designed to cover up pretend wood. It didn't actually say that on the tin mind you...just said it is ideal for giving your kitchen cupboards a face-lift and there was no mention of crackle or beeswax...

So I gulped at the price and hastily put it in the trolley before I chickened out and changed my mind...

Then I saw the outside paint for sheds and such like...Oooo...all the pretty colours. Pinks and Blues and a gorgeous Violet...they were on I put a tin of Willow Green in the trolley and stood it behind my oxygen so as to pretend it had nothing to do with me...

So Himself has a new lawnmower and I have paint...and the sun is shining...!

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  • Good for you,to have treated yourself even if it was paint and not a pretty blouse,or classy trousers,(not that I would know what to do with either items,never venture far to wear such items ) Lol. Hope the painting goes well,and that you are not doing it😱

  • Your garden is lush, I'd love a tunnel , one of these days! The big fella bought some paint for the kitchen and put a kitchen cupboard up before he left for work, it only took him about a year lol!

    My daughter and Grandson have just gone home and I'm good for nothing at the moment. Glad you had a good day , your paint and Himself has a new toy!

  • Pleased you found paint to suit Vashti. We have to have the breatheasy range because i come over all peculiar if i am exposed to 'normal' paint. Your not planning on painting the cupboards are you? What do you grow in the tunnels ? Love Margaret x

  • Such wonder to behold vashti - paint and a lawnmower = two very happy people. Now just to get the paint on the cupboards and the grass cut. Good luck.

    Take care xxxxx

  • love the photo Vashti. Yes, it's an expensive business this painting.

    Right, I'm off to Homebase then as I've a new little shed to go up. I'm wondering if I should paint it before it goes up or afterwards.

    Last week I was lucky in B&Q. I could barely lift the great vats of Dulux brilliant white I got for £17 a pop. Now waiting for a clear chest, a proper warm day when I can have all the windows open. Only have the whole house to do.................. and then the garden. Or shall I start with the garden? Decisions

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