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New Projects!

New Projects!

Why is it that when I read any articles about 'doing something up on a limited budget' they begin to waffle on about paint that costs twice as much as ordinary emulsion and special crackle finishes...then finishing off by rubbing with a soft cloth and beeswax.

These are kitchen cupboards from Argos matey...we're not talking top of the range here you know.

There was a sale on today at Homebase so we went into Sligo for a new lawn-mower...the last one having given up the ghost...bits began to drop off it and it was giving off a decidedly peculiar smell...

While Himself went to look at the selection I looked at paint...and found a tin of 'Cupboard Paint'...designed to cover up pretend wood. It didn't actually say that on the tin mind you...just said it is ideal for giving your kitchen cupboards a face-lift and there was no mention of crackle or beeswax...

So I gulped at the price and hastily put it in the trolley before I chickened out and changed my mind...

Then I saw the outside paint for sheds and such like...Oooo...all the pretty colours. Pinks and Blues and a gorgeous Violet...they were on I put a tin of Willow Green in the trolley and stood it behind my oxygen so as to pretend it had nothing to do with me...

So Himself has a new lawnmower and I have paint...and the sun is shining...!

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Good for you,to have treated yourself even if it was paint and not a pretty blouse,or classy trousers,(not that I would know what to do with either items,never venture far to wear such items ) Lol. Hope the painting goes well,and that you are not doing it😱


Your garden is lush, I'd love a tunnel , one of these days! The big fella bought some paint for the kitchen and put a kitchen cupboard up before he left for work, it only took him about a year lol!

My daughter and Grandson have just gone home and I'm good for nothing at the moment. Glad you had a good day , your paint and Himself has a new toy!


Pleased you found paint to suit Vashti. We have to have the breatheasy range because i come over all peculiar if i am exposed to 'normal' paint. Your not planning on painting the cupboards are you? What do you grow in the tunnels ? Love Margaret x


Such wonder to behold vashti - paint and a lawnmower = two very happy people. Now just to get the paint on the cupboards and the grass cut. Good luck.

Take care xxxxx


love the photo Vashti. Yes, it's an expensive business this painting.

Right, I'm off to Homebase then as I've a new little shed to go up. I'm wondering if I should paint it before it goes up or afterwards.

Last week I was lucky in B&Q. I could barely lift the great vats of Dulux brilliant white I got for £17 a pop. Now waiting for a clear chest, a proper warm day when I can have all the windows open. Only have the whole house to do.................. and then the garden. Or shall I start with the garden? Decisions