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Scared about lung's

Hi all, I am new on here. I had a chest xray1 4weeks ago as I had night sweats, sickness, lost weight from it and shortness of breathe. Xray showed what I presume was infection pneumonia. characteristics of t.b as affected upper both lung's.

I took 3 lot's of antibiotic's, erythromycin 250mg 3days, clarithromycin 500mg 7 day's, doxycycline 250mg 7 day's.

went back for another xray 3week's later show's the same but slightly improved on tje right.

I did have pneumonia 5year's ago and they did say it show's similar appearance as previous xray's. But cleared the first time I had it on it's own.

I have now been sent for a CT scan.

I feel much better in myself now,can walk alot further than before.

I also came down with joint pain in hands and shoulders and rheumatoid factor blood test came back high. Had hand xray's whivh were clear .

I am petrified and wondering if any one else has had similar and been through this sort of auto immune response. I have done a sputum test which said no TB. Is this Viral and just taking it's time?

petrified 31 year old. :(

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Hi Pinkcloud and a very warm welcome to you. I am sorry you have been having these problems. Please don't get ahead of yourself - only the ct scan will show things more clearly and allow the medics to diagnose and treat you appropriately.

I wish you well and the outcome is much better than you anticipate.

love cx


thank you for your kind words


Welcome to the site Pinkcloud. I am afraid i cannot help but Cofdrop gives good advice. Do try not to worry excesively and I hope everything works out well for you. Let us know how you get on. Love Margaret x


thank you Margaret.


Welcome to the group. TRY not to worry quite so much and listen to all the info you are given and stay positive . Keep checking on the site and posting - there are lots of people on here who will be able to help give you confidence and TLC.....good luck. :)


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