Dozy's meanderings

Dozy's meanderings

Dozy rarely feels poorly but just recently the mouse has had an excruciating back ache. It is not a joint pain so not arthritis but it could be muscle, kidneys or the start of osteoporosis. The doctor has finally been summoned and arrives sometime this afternoon.

The house has various organised piles of washing scattered around the dining room floor and the tumble dryer has a load ready to be folded. The washing machine has a load to be transferred to the tumble dryer. The floor has a load to be transferred to the washing machine. Dozy just has to pretend her back does not hurt and do her pulmonary bend and stretch exercise.

It should be so much easier as the 'eat half as much do twice as much' diet has resulted in the loss of 28lbs of unwanted fat. So the poor little lungs should be jumping for joy that no oxygen is required for all those horrible fat cells.

One problem to losing weight. Nothing to wear as all thin clothes were dumped when Dozy got really fat. So today the mouse is colour coordinated. White knickers, black trousers. White strappy vest top, black bra.

The holiday was brilliant and Mr Dozy got himself a new toy. A ride on lawnmower! The front of the house has been block paved and the back lawn is 25x25 ft. I know, go figure. Oh and it will not fit down the side of the house anyway. Men and their toys. Still he was a happy mouse.

The dogs had a good time and were spoilt by everyone as usual. They believe that the whole campsite is theirs and all humans must stop and stroke if they pass. It doesn't matter if they are in a car or not.

There is just a week before we go again and also have to fit in a visit from Mcmillan physio, trip to see lung consultant and then visit from my Mcmillan nurse. It is such a wonderful organisation. If you are offered them please say yes. There is all sorts of things they can offer you.

Just remembered a few more things that have to be done so off to add them to the diary. Please take care everyone and sorry to be a bore but it was all bubbling in my head.

By the way I really do love my Mr Dozy.

Love Dozy ☺ 🐀 xx

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  • You are never a boring mouse Dozy. Just go back to lala land and everything will be ok :) Oh and well done for losing all that weight. Methinks a new wardrobe is called for? :d Spoil yourself. xx

  • Oh dear Dozy, sounds so painful for you and hope you feel better very soon. Maybe the doctor can help. Let us know what he says.

    Such a nice day for the washing here and no rain in sight. Pete would approve of Mr. Dozy's new toy but it probably wouldn't fit down the side of our house either.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip but you do have to feel better for the next one. The dogs have their hearts set on it. Good luck with the physio and everything else you have to fit in. Well done on your weight loss too.

    Thinking of you and we know you love Mr. Dozy. Take care xxxx

  • Wow yes I can see that! perhaps bad back with all that reaching up to kiss Mr Dozy! He's very lucky to have his new toy, I'd like one like that! :D

    I hope the doctor will sort out your back for you and Mr Dozy lets you loose in the fashion department :D you must be very pleased with losing the fat well done and I'm delighted you all had a lovely holiday! :) huff xxxx

  • I suspect your lungs may be giving you backache. Especially if you have been coughing. I do hope you feel better soon. Love AS and George xxx

  • i give mousy a virtual hug, a real hug might be to painful. Lucky dogs if they got all the attention they looked for, they would of had it from me, i am a dog owners worse nightmare, i always talk to them and want to pet them, forgetting that a lot of people don't like that sort of thing.

  • Hi Dozy,

    By this time the doctor will have been, so I hope he/she has managed to give you something for the pain, and has an idea as to the cause. Hope it isn't kidney stones as that is excruciating, and you cannot do anything while you have it. Maybe it is muscular if you have been coughing a lot. Hope you are feeling better now, and I am glad you had a good holiday, and it was much less fraught than the last one!

    I think you need some retail therapy as you have this severe pain ( any excuse will do, not that you really need one ha ha), so maybe treat yourself to something you want or need. Mr Dozy has his new toy to play with, so maybe a quad bike, to go racing over the sand with! lol That would be quite a spectacle, the mouse speeding, and mowing down everything in its path. On second thoughts Mr Dozy would probably take it.

    Enjoy your next holiday, it must be wonderful to have somewhere to go whenever you feel like it.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :) :)

  • Hi Dozy

    Such a cute photo. You and Mr. Dozy? cute.....

    You sure lost quite a bit of weight. Now time for new cute Dozy wardrobe😊

    By now, the doctor should have been to see you. Hopefully he helped you with the pain. Please let us know how you made out, as we worry about our Dozy!

    Love RUBYXX 😊 😊

  • Hello Dozy, i hope the Dr gave you something to take the pain awzy & you are feeling better. Shopping therapy is called for, go treat yourself when better. Love Margaret x

  • Hi Dozy, great to hear that your hols were a success and you are off to another one shortly. I am sorry though about the pain and hope that the dr can help sort out what is going on. Yep I agree with the others sounds like you may need to go shopping to get some new outfits... Love the pic of you and Mr Dozy. All the best to the two of you for your next hols.. I hope he won't miss is new toy too much or will he be taking it with him? Take care, best wishesxxx

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