Wondered if anyone else has problems with spiders like me ? ,last night while watching tv a huge spider appeared on the cushion I was leaning on ,scared me to death and I ended up panic breathing as I got so worked up, had to use my rescue inhaler to calm down. My husband has hovered everywhere and cant find the monster , now I cant relax , now have my feet up on the coffee table ha ! Well at least its one way of getting my husband to hoover the house ha.

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  • Arghhhh I hate spiders too. No wonder you can't relax, I have been known to rip my flat apart to find any unwelcome guests and squash them flat. I am an ace spider killer :d x

  • Could do with you here ha !

  • I am just like you 29h3m. I have a big phobia of spiders and always get someone to remove them. Try not to think about it too much. I managed to find Spider Stop from Kleeneeze I think and that seems to work. It does no harm to the spider but stops them entering the home. I suppose some do get in but I have not seen any. xxx

  • Good idea Sassy59 , will order some next time I get a catalogue through the door.

  • get loads spiders here, love standing on them or just battering them with a newspaper lol

  • I would pass out ha !

  • Calm down! I bet the spider was scared too! ha ha. Good ploy though! Well done!



  • That spider is probably watching me and laughing ha !

  • It's a shame George can't come over to catch the spider. He is very good at finding them and they run outside. We had one that was so big, you could hear it's feet clattering on the lino. We thought it was wearing hob nailed boots!

    The glass and piece of card trick works very well. Put a glass over the spider and slide the card under it, upturn the glass and with the card on it. Then put it outside take the card off, turn the glass sideways and run.

    My Grandad used to say

    "If you want to live and thrive,

    Let the Spider run alive"

  • When my dog was alive he also loved chasing

    spiders , he was my hero , he new I hated them. as for your comment about hearing its feet clattering on the lino ,its making my skin crawl ha ha . Cant get close enough to remove them, have to get someone else to do it. My mother always recites the verse about the spider too.

  • I might be in the minority, but I don't kill anything unless I have to. I put them outside. I like that verse!

    Rubyxx 😊

  • My mum would quote the little verse 'If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive' :) xxx

  • Hate them in the home but can tolerate them in the garden. Hope you have a restful night, love Margaret x

  • Nice article ha ,must admit I always check bananas for spiders ,you never know !

  • Nice to know Im not alone in hating spiders. they are never far from my thoughts, especially at bedtime, I glance at the walls of the bedroom because they have appeared there in the past and I cannot sleep with one in the room. could never visit my son in Sydney, the huntsman spiders are reslly big and jump! Not to mention redbacks. think I will try and forget them now! Iris x

  • Hi Iris , I always do a bedroom check at night ,couldn't sleep in there with a spider or a moth , hate them too. My husbands family live in Australia as well but they don't seem too concerned about spiders , I would be checking the house constantly.

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