I hope you won't mind me asking?

Knowing what a nice lot you all are, I feel sure you won't mind me bringing this to your attention?

My Daughter (who lives on Devon) is an ITU nurse and has signed up to do an abseil to raise money for a children's hospice. I cannot imagine how she's feeling as she's terrified of heights and has been since she was a child. I personally think she's lost the plot, but I'm very proud of her as I know how much nerve this must be taking for her to do it.

If you have the odd £1 please sponsor her, she does so much for other people every day.

Go the following website. Where it says " your friends name" put Lisette Johnston, click search and it'll take you to the page.


Thank you all.

Nikki :-D

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  • Good Morning Nikki, I'll be happy to chip in, your daughter deserves our support, what a good job she does, looking after seriously ill people. Hope she enjoys her fund raising! My son did it once. I was amazed at him abseiling down a very tall monument.

    hugs huff xxx

  • Thank you so much huff. I do admire these younger ones that do these things...I could not have done that even when I was their age! I do not know the details - date, where exactly etc., as I just want her to tell me when it's over so I don't keep worrying about it all the time.

    Bless you. XX

  • Thank you and Don't worry it will be fine!!! if you can't go are they going to film it for you? Hahha bet they do, I would scream very loudly all the way down!! :D Have a fab day :D huff xxx

  • Ok will sponsor her ,good luck nothing to be scared off!x

  • Thank you very much colours. I can't help but worry because I know how frightened she must be feeling, and I'm too far away to be of much comfort. XX

  • Just donated Nikki and hope Lisette does well on the day. Good luck to her. xxxx

  • Bless you Sassy. I knew you were all lovely on here. I never told her that I was going to write this post, so I know she'll be thrilled to bits with your responses. XX

  • Just donated. Wishing Lisette all the best, don't know if she is mad or brave or both! What a wonderful daughter you have xx

  • I agree with you Lyn........She's lost the plot - I think!? Lol. But I am proud of her, especially knowing how afraid she'll be whilst doing it. As a child, I couldn't even get her to cross a bridge, so you can imagine the shock I had when she told me about this.?

    Thank you so much for your support for her. Bless you.

    Nikki XXX

  • well nikkers they often say the way to conquer our fears is to face them I admire your daughter for doing what she is doing

  • sorry forgot I did chip in

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