The Answer To Being In A Temper...Clean Something

I was in a bit of a temper by the time I'd spoken to the couldn'tgiveatoss woman about the battery so I decided sorting out was the answer...

Kitchen cupboards to be precise...

You see I'm more or less banned from the kitchen now...Himself is in charge and he puts the shopping away and then tells me we haven't any tuna left or he can't find any jars of curry sauce...we end up with six jars of jam and no marmalade...half a bag of sugar and two enormous packets of cheap t-bags that you have to leave in the mug for an hour in order to get the water to turn faintly brown...and three large packets of chocolate biscuits.

Because he's reluctant to let me poke about in the cupboards to see what we need, I have...until today...been guided by what he says we're out of when I go shopping.

But he was out cutting stuff down with his favourite toy so I seized the opportunity...

He's eaten most of the glace cherries for a start.

Dinner plates were wobbling about in precarious heaps on top of side plates and bowls were all over the place...some in the bottom cupboard and others squashed behind the glasses and the black treacle had left sticky gunk behind and for reasons totally unclear we have three extra large tubs of is a Lo-Salt...why can't the Bisto people spell properly...

We have gravy once in a Blue moon...which goes nowhere to explain the Bisto breeding taking place.

There's a bottle of non-alcoholic Spiced Punch...? Must have been a present. Next to that was a bag of SR flour that was so ancient it was hard and lumpy...and a packet of yeast three years out of date.

I do confess to being just a tad OCD where cans and packets are hurts to see a tin of sun-ripened tomatoes sitting cheek by jowl with Damson jam...can't be doing with it you see...packets of ready-made custard with Star Anise tucked up beside it makes me go all over peculiar...everything has to have its front facing me as well...don't like a tin of Sweetcorn sitting there with its back turned.

After an hour of continually tripping over the oxygen tubing and the dog I called a halt...put the kettle on for a cup of tea and saw mouse droppings on top of the washing machine.

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Really enjoyed reading this. I know exactly how you feel. Thing is my other half then blames me when I haven't put something on the list - but he is the one who has used it and should know if we need it. I feel I need to take control again! HAHA!

Oh...Himself does that as well! He'll eat all the biscuits and forget to buy more because it wasn't on the list...I didn't put biscuits on the list 'cos I didn't realise he'd eaten six packets in a

It must be a woman thing I too have to have tins of tomatoes in a line the same with beans,all bottles on one side of the cupboard,cans on the other.just like to open the cupboard and actually see what is there.

It is so much easier when it's organised...

Yes I agree πŸ˜€

Sorry about the droppings. I tried to find a place that wouldn't ruin the food. Your loo is a bit big for me. You have a lovely house love Dozy x πŸ€ 😊


It was you was it? You dirty little mousey...don't try and get round me by flattery either...☺

Sorry won't do it again (in your house) πŸ€ x

I'm sorry Dozy...didn't mean to upset can come again of course but could you keep your children out of the butter next time...☺☺☺☺

Thank you Dozy. I always make sure to put you outside too but you seem to like my house far too much. xxxxx

Or yours, sorry. It's such a lovely house. πŸ€ x

It's OK your family can come here any time.


have a great weekend



How much do you want to bet that himself will blame all this disorganisation on the mice? Lol XX

If he does I'll throw something at him...!

Lol. I think you would too? :-D

Yes a little bit of anger can increase elbow grease and get housework done in a jiffy! after all anger is an energy :D best used in a productive manner!

My house is a tip with the puppy running riot....the garden's just as bad and I'm too exhausted to care :) huff xxx

My thoughts exactly!

My husband is a cupboard stuffer, so things tend to fall on top of me, when I open them. He had a cupboard stuffing session, in the one above the dog's water bowl. I was not best pleased when various items fell out and got wet.

Especially if it was several tins of

We have a lot of packets of rice. I really need to clear out the cupboards. Have to persuade my beloved to help as I can't use the steps. My balance is not good thanks to Meniere's Disease.

Lovely story as usual vashti :) I keep thinking I will clean the cupboards one day (I do the outside occasionally) but somehow never get round to it. Can't remember the last time they were cleaned and old stuff chucked out. Goodness knows what's in there. x

All sorts of unexpected surprises!

:) Probably all nasty ones xx

I try not to sort out cupboards because husband then complains that he can't find anything!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Jan xx

Sounds exactly like my husband !

So does Himself...tough!

Funny how we like things in a certain way. I have a thing about toilet and kitchen rolls that are mounted horizontally. They have to have the edge away from the wall? I was in a customers kitchen when I had my own business. While we were discussing what she wanted I turned the roll around to the way I like it, without even thinking it was not my house. It was her look of bafflement to my action that alerted me to my error?

My husband is just the same as you with the loo rolls ,OCD !

I once told someone to take their elbows off the

shows we are beans

that was hilarious Vashti, could you be exaggerating just a tiny weeny bit !! Men certainly have a different criteria to women when it comes to 'necessities'.Bars of chocolate, packets of crisps, strangely tins of gravy powder, extra strong cheese, if he's got these then we're OK ! I like my store cupboard to be stacked in rows front to back - a row of sauces, then tinned soup, then baked beans, tinned fruit, you get the idea. Not OCD just convenient. cleaning cupboards is hard work, bending or stretching, all exhausting. when I think of my mum' s tiny kitchen, no freezer, how did she manage. Lots of trips to the shops, rain or shine, lived on top of a hill, no car, bad osteoporosis. Life is so much easier now, for me shopping delivered by Tesco and put on the kitchen table. perfect. Love Iris x

Exaggerating? Moi? Perhaps just a tiny bit!

what's that saying - Never let the truth get in the way of a good story'. but its just because there is a lot of truth in your story we can all relate to it. It helps in life if we can see the funny side of the things that annoy us.

I found a piece of Christmas cake in the cupboard this morning. It went straight in the bin!

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