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I keep forgetting to ask everyone who mentions this what it actually is. I realise the "T" stands for testing. Again I was told by my GP this morning that I would have to wait for my biopsies to go to MDT but we had so many other things to talk about I forgot to ask what MDT stands for - again. Have had fun making up names for it like Multi Destructive Testing but would really like to know what it means. I also wish Docs and nurses would not use their jargon when speaking or writing to you too. I was always told that you said or wrote the whole thing the first time and then said it was known as MDT and then continued to use the initials. Seems no one is taught that these days.

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  • Hi freefaller,

    As flibberti said it is Multi Disciplinary Team (used to work in a hospital) usually your illness will be discussed in the MDT meeting with different people concerned with your treatment so the best course of action can be taken. Example friend with skin cancer, discussed in MDT with cancer specialist, and a plastic surgeon for treatment and follow on skin grafts.

    Hope this helps.


  • A ha! So nothing to do with testing. I had looked it up on line but the nearest I got was Multi Drug Treatment. Thanks everyone. So glad I have found out what this means.

  • Thanks. xxx

  • Hi freefaller, wishing you well with your tests, huff xxx

  • Thanks huffer puffer. I have an appointment at the clinic for next Wednesday but they did warn me that if they didn't have the results and plan back by then they would probably have to cancel at short notice. I do hope it is through soon and it actually tells them something. They also warned me that it may not show any definite results. So, what's the next test? Think I am going to ask them to take my lung out and I will leave it with them to have a look at whilst I get on with my work. I have lost so much time! ha ha!

  • Hi freefalling, there was me thinking it would stand for...Mad Days Testing! Lets hope they get some answers soon and you can get on with work and life! All the very best to you, how about a little tune...

    huff xxx

  • Ah BRILLIANT! Thanks Huff xxx

  • Everyone is correct Sian. I think it is a good thing they are all involved. On the day of my diagnoses I saw an Oncology Consultant although I didn't have an appointment and things moved really fast.

    In my thoughts.

    Love Suzyxxx

  • That's great Suzy. How are you today. At the moment it is lovely and sunny and warm here but we had rain this morning. The sun has made everything feel better. Went out for lunch with friends which was lovely but all the chatting made me a little breathless, but, it did me good. Had to go to the GP yesterday as definitely got an infection after the biopsy so have another course of antibiotics. Hope you have got some sunshine to make you feel good too.

    All the best




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