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Hello I am considering whether a portable oxygen concentrator would be good for me. It would have to be light enough to carry as I will be in rough terrain some of the time and supply 2L continuously . I'm trying to find a supplier of used equipment with servicing but wondered if anyone has experience of using such a POC.

Many thanks

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  • If you are meaning 2l pm on demand or continuous if on demand there are quite a few out but if on continuous they are not many to choose from if you want a light one the lightest one I think will be simply go and that is not to light

  • Hi

    Firstly speak with your respitory nurse to confirm that such equipment is suitable, you will need confirmation of your requirements to purchase a POC.

    If you can use pulse/ on demand then the ideal one is the Air Sep Focus at 0.8 kg is the lightest and smallest on the market, comes with two batteries lasting 90 minutes each, you can buy extra batteries, comes with home and in-car charger.

    I have been using one for two years.


    If your are on continuous supply then the simple go is the one but although comes with a trolley weighs more than the cylinders close to ten pounds, very cumbersome.

  • Thanks Jimmy 23and Stone thats helpful

  • The Air Sep is pulse only.

  • Harry, I am considering buying a POC, notably a SeQual Eclipse, as that is the one I have used for a month while on holiday. They are very expensive, so I will be checking with my Lung Specialist when I see him on Tuesday. I'll let you know what he says.

    It has continuous or pulse.

  • I have had a deVilbiss 1GO transportable for several years now. It's light enough me me to lift with my Arthritis and back problem, but why lift it when it will trundle along behind you like a small suitcase on wheels. It's about the size of an Air Stewards bag. Mine was supplied via my COPD nurse and will work on both pulse and constant up to 5 l pm. You need to consider what you would do for repairs should it go wrong on your travels.

    However, the NHS are not willing to let you take it to another country other than the British Isles. You don't say where you are planning to go, but if it is the UK, and you get one on loan here, you will need to give the supplier an inventory of all your stopovers, so they can be prepared to fix it if it goes wrong, which is rare, but does happen. I use mine 24/7 on 2 l pm.

    Hope this helps.


  • If you do decide to choose a POC with 2Ltr on demand/pulse operation, I have a used

    (nearly new condition) AIRSEP FOCUS POC which belonged to my recently deceased partner. It comes complete with carry case and accessories including 4 batteries. If interested, for more details, contact:

    W. Dewson

    Flat 25 Pembroke Court

    West St.


    Salisbury, Wilts. SP2 0DG

  • There is a company in Manchester called Pure O2, Check them out on the net, the sell new & recon units to suit your needs.

  • Thanks baley

  • My husband bought his Aircep Focus from them last August but they don't have a "Buy back" policy so I don't know where they would get reconditioned ones.

  • Hi

    All you need to do here is get your Dr or nurse to prescribe a portable machine and you get one. Why buy????

  • They will only supply the bottled oxygen, not portable concentrators westielady so you still need to carry bottles or arrange oxygen if going on holiday.

  • Hi again

    I don't know what company you are with but try their home page on google. If you can't find let me know what the name is and I will you a link.

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