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Feckin' People!

It's been one of those days when I rather wish I hadn't been nicely dragged up because I'd just love to fly straight off the handle and scream...loudly.

You remember a dozy bloke brought the Eclipse machine a week last Monday and forgot to bring the battery for it...I left it for the rest of the battery...then we had our Bank Holiday at the weekend when no-one works...'phoned today and was faced with a barrage of know the 1 if your legs just dropped off...

I was put through to an answering service that didn't answer...after five tries finally reached a proper human being and told her this tale of woe and she went off like a bottle of pop. Run this past me again she said...D brought the machine out but didn't bring a battery? But you can't go out without the battery...

I said I knew that.

She said she'd 'phone D and have words and arrange for the battery to be here pronto and she'd 'phone me back today.

She hasn't.

Then Baywater rang yesterday and asked if I could hang on for another day for my replacement ambulant oxygen 'cos Malachi had been called out for an emergency...I said it wasn't a problem. The girl said he'd be here first thing this morning.

He still hasn't arrived and it's now 5-30pm

It might have quite escaped the providers notice that I can't go out anywhere until I have oxygen...don't care how it long as I have some.

Quite why old Grumpy sucking Lemons Nurse went to British oxygen for the Eclipse I haven't the faintest idea...she probably did it on purpose because I said Baywater were so efficient...

Malachi has never ever let me down before over delivering new bottles, so I can only imagine he might have had another emergency or just hasn't caught up with those he missed yesterday...

In the meantime I have about half a bottle left to go to the supermarket tomorrow...

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Oh dear Vashti everything is great if it works! I am sure Malachi would not want to let you down without good reason but surely someone must realise how important it is to be able to breathe! You need to get out sometimes too and breathing is essential for that also. What numpties are they that don't bring the battery in the first place, promise to ring back but don't and keep you holding on because you do so love pressing number 2 for this and number 3 for that! No wonder you are angry. Do let us know if you get your oxygen tomorrow. I do hope so.

Wishing you well. xxxxx


What's that saying? " it never rains,but it pours" I hope that everything is sorted for you first thing in the morning,perhaps even this evening,after all oxygen is the breath of life, Now if you want to scream go ahead,we will all understand.


Vashti, embarass the buggers and call your surgery emergency number which will get you through to a paramedic service. I don't know what your number is in Ireland,but here you get pretty much instant response and they will get what you want to you , do try Vashti, your well being depends on it, hope you get a a good and prompt result. these companies should never compromise your health or life. Feckers indeed! Just pile it on.


Fingers crossed they get theirs out of their @r$$


You still manage to make us laugh Vashti- even on such a serious matter! I agree with Polly, call your surgery and tell them you're nearly out, it's an emergency, and let them sort it out.

Such incompetence is unbelievable.........playing with people's lives is unforgiveable!


How very dare you wish to leave your house. Do you think oxygen comes from trees? Hang on it does as a waste product. The portable concentrators are good in that they run off the car as well as mains and battery but you need the battery and a spare if poss as I found they didn't last as long as my liquid oxy.

Hope all well that ends well and you will be skipping about soon. Take care love Dozy x 🐀


It's just not good enough Vashti 😕😟😠 They just haven't a feckin clue what it's like to need the medicine we need the most, it's not like you can do without! 😟😤😬 grrrrrrrrr they better be there first thing in the morning!

Night night, sweet dreams zzzzzz😘🍰🌙🌃🌚🌌🌜📚📑📖🎶🎷🎹🎼 zzzzzzzz


Go outside immediately and have a really good scream!!! I've got my fingers in my ears!!


It must be this week nothing's gone right for us and none of it our fault. Bring back pen n paper.


Hi, Vashti

Commiserations. When it comes to one bit of bad news after the other, it's very difficult to think that 'all this will pass' ~ but it will. Nowadays, whenever I get news from officialdom or trade by phone, I take their name and ask them to send me an email to confirm, as I have become very forgetful. When I don't get the promised email, I know that the news or promise has a 50% chance, and I get on the phone the moment that the schedule or deadline has passed with no action. I don't always get results, but I do feel better when I've taken the matter one step higher and we all start again. Hope your deliveries come through in time.



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