time for a smile -

the garden is a bit depressing at the moment. that awful wind has blown lots of roses down, snapped their heads off, and sometimes it seems as if instead of sitting in the sun in the garden, all you do is clear up the mess the bad weather has made. Moan over. try these -

a man walks into a doctors. The doctor says 'I haven't seen you in a long time'. The man replies, 'I know, I've been ill'.

a man walks into a doctors. He has a cucumber up his nose, a carrot in his left ear, and a banana in his right ear. 'Ah, I can see what's the matter with you' says the doctor. 'You're not eating properly'.

Iris x

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  • ha ha. Really good.

  • Very silly, but it made me laugh.

    Hope you get a good result from your biopsy, I had a ct scan few years ago and then another one 8 months later. I was then told the nodules had disappeared, I didn't know that was the reason for the second ct scan.

    Good luck. iris x

  • Ha ha! Yes the wind has certainly played havoc with the gardens, lets hope we get some good weather soon Iris. xx

  • Looks like the description of an English summer is living up to its reputation - two fine days and a thunderstorm! thats no joke! iris x

  • Oh Lyd 2 8 months between scans? they said if mine hadn't shrunk in a month it probably wasn't going to shrink. Imagine they have seen something there that makes them think that. How big was your nodule? Ha ha that wounds like a rude question doesn't it?



  • Hi Sian,

    Ive no idea, I'm a head in sand person, too scared to ask much. I just wonder how many people have them that don't know. Too many ct scans is a lot of radiation, don't like to look for trouble! Love Iris x

  • Lyd, I found out something that I didn't know. After every CT scan, PET Scan, MRI Scan and x ray you have the cumulative total is on the report. So they are keeping a check on how much radiation you have. However, you have to balance all this with the fact that they are trying to find out what is wrong with you and this is the best and maybe only way to do it and this beats the cumulative effects of the radiation hands down. They will not expose you if it is not absolutely necessary. One of their promises in the hippocratic oath is to "First do no harm".

    I am the opposite to you Iris, I like to know everything that is going on and then question all of it and research it myself. Had I not done that years ago I would have ended up with an organ removed that didn't need removing and probably wouldn't be enjoying the fairly good health I am enjoying at the moment.

    Take care and so glad to hear that your nodule went of it's own accord. I hope the biopsy frightened mine enough to get it to runaway too lol.

    Take care



  • Great - I've got an appointment tomorrow perhaps I should try these!

  • Like it ....you have the right idea...😀

  • Oh Iris, poor you and poor garden!

    My roses have come out and are in lovely yellow bloom. I have just watered the garden, trying to unkink the hosepipe and getting out of breath over this! Mic

  • It was a big rambler that suffered most damage, it covers the top of a pergola and is heavily laden with blossom this year. Still plenty of roses on it but it took a battering.

    It has a lovely scent so I gathered up the rose heads and put them in a shallow dish to scent the room. Our garden is very dry, not sure how much rain is on the way. the ups snd downs of gsrdening! Love Iris x

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