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After a bad year 2014 with asthma, pleurisy then pneumonis I have been more SOB than usual. Another asthma attack in April, more steroids still SOB. Felt unwell saw GP could not walk far, he did a small test and said think this is COPD. I have never smoked. He gave me a new bronchodilator. I am going back to see him as I am not happy with this to ask for referral to Resp Cons again. Any advice please?

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You seem to have been through the mill. Good that you've asked for another referral, I hope they can find out whether you have COPD or not. I know a lot of people with COPD got it through smoking, but there are also lots who got it some other way, so it can't be ruled out. Another possibility is that you might have Bronchiectasis, like me. This is not caused by smoking. I was diagnosed with Asthma to start with, but 3 years in (and countless chest infections later) my GP referred me to the chest clinic who did lung function tests and sent me for a CT scan, which is how they found out about the Bronch. It's really the only way to know if this is what you have or not. I now take Seretide 250, Salbutamol, Spiriva handi haler, mucodyne capsules, and Azithromycin anti biotic 3 times a week. I would encourage you to persist with your request to see a consultant in the hope that they will get to the bottom of your condition. Good luck. poemsgalore x

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I may well have not got over the infections that you have encountered. You say you had a small test was it a full spirometry with you blowing into a tube in various ways and then a few ventolins and then the same test again? Or a blow into a numbered tube?

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