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Here we go again

I am so not happy been well for a year and the dreaded coughing and wheezing has started again. I will need to see the nurses tomorrow to get steroids, I feel like an old person out of breathe so quickly not good as I do a lot of walking for my job, I guess I am frightened I may have to give up work at some point.

my sister has the same problems as me to wheezers together except she live near the sea not in london near a duel carriage way.

However I am going to embrace this illness and not let it beat me I'm going to live for another 50 years and get a telegram

Well my little rant is finished now still upset though

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I know what you mean, I live on a busy main road in London too and the pollution really does not help.

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When you next see GP ask for a 'rescue pack' ie antibiotics and steroids to keep at home. That way as soon as dreaded symptoms occur you can start treatment and don't have to wait for GP/nurse appointment.


i second that i have always have them at home . very good advice .

Hi furzdale1 I sympathise with you had yet another ear throat lung infection last 3 weeks with allergy asthma used my rescue pack went to Dr last week she didn't do peak flow no examination prescribed ear drops and then said there was a manufacturing fault at the mo-won't be seeing her again. Went to Dr again yesterday who specialise in Asthma/COPD complete examination prescribed antibiotics/steriods. He said with me having reaction to meds getting harder to prescribe medication. I left work 8yrs ago at 50 through ill health then with son going to University started school cleaner but was given the most filthiest science and engineering block to clean my lungs only lasted a couple of weeks. Had asthma allergy/bronchial lots of lung infections since early childhood was officially diagnosed COPD 5yrs ago even tho had constant infections. Repeat prescription well over £100 per month have under active thyroid so have medical exemption card. I try daily to think positive go for walk when weather ok feed the birds read a book. Cook clean iron for hubby, 2 adult children and try look after elderly parents with multiple medical problems . Keep thinking positive and get medical help asap xx

Hi cleegirl. You should get a PPC certificate from the NHS website.

It is a prepaid prescription certificate and costs about £105 a year. It will cover all your prescriptions. xx

Hi Casper 99 thanx for your advice upto several yrs ago I bought PPC certificate now I have under active thyroid I get all my medication paid for

The cost of meds in the US is totally out of control!! Some US citizens with cancer are required to pay over $2,000 monthly in meds and cannot afford it. I get my meds from PlanetDrugsDirect in Canada - much cheaper!

My husband the same - he has just finished his fifth course of antibiotics this year - last year didn't have one! Seems to be a funny year! We talked to the doctor and now have rescue antibiotics and steroids in the house so that he can start taking them before it really takes hold! Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery, lots of love TAD xx

Hello furzdale 1, Good for you wanting your 100 year card so do I. As a fully paid up member of the British flag waving public I have celebrated enough of their birthdays, so the least they can do on my 100th is send me a card Now regarding your rant. I recommend a , rant a day first thing in the morning and get it off your chest ( no pun intended ) then carry on with your positive outlook on life and sense of humour. Get down to your GP and shake some antibiotics and steroids out of him and keep a recue pack in. By the way re my previous posts I do hope your GP looks up from his computer screen during your consultation, mine doesn't, I am going to my next consultation dressed as a clown...he wont notice but at least it will prove my point. Finally I have had my rant for today at my bloody laptop. This is the second message I have written to you, the first one disappeared into cyber space before I pressed submit. Best wishes ..Velvet aka rantalot !

Dear Velvet! LOVED your good humor and your rants!! In our situation, we need to laugh and love as much as we can! Thinking positive always helps!!

Hello bogo. Lots more to come ! Got to have a laugh now and then. Velvet x

hi fursdale, if you've been ok for a year, i should get this wheezing nipped in the bud, see your g.p , you might need antibiotics and steroids, also an emergency pack to keep at home. i admire your spirit , good luck, love jimmy xxx :)

Hi Everybody just to let you all know devils smarties and antibiotics are going in my system and I'm ready to run a marathon (OK maybe to the end of the garden) I am feeling much better thanks for all of your comments good job the husband is deaf as he cant hear my rants.

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